Question about Horde Spawning

Been playing cataclysm for a few years, loved it when hordes came out, but an issue i always hopes would be ironed out is still present, and im wondering if its just my choices that cause it.

Whenever i make a new World I have, Wandering Spawns. ON, Static Spawn. ON

My problem is, whenever i start a new game a horde is 100% always present, they start in the town but soon sweep the whole area, usually the hordes are massive, im talking entire screen on map full. and i must leave the beginning square of map you start with, to avoid them, this of course doesnt always work out and i lost alot of chars to hunger and thrist.

So my question about my problem is, Are the constant hordes that spawn and then devour everything in existence because i made it static spawn? since usually they start from the town and all at once in a massive heap.

I would love any feedback from dynamic spawn players, but i prefer the static spawn style of sweep a town clean, and would love to find a fix to this issue i have with hordes.

If you don’t like hordes you can turn them off separately through wandering spawns. To be honest once we have hordes 2.0 up and working (which should be a fair bit more balanced and polished than the current horde system) we’re going to be taking steps to probably start eliminating dynamic spawning since it’s widely unrealistic and doesn’t particularly make sense (and the new horde system will provide the same late-game challenges that dynamic spawning does).

I also never hear about people playing with dynamic spawns, so it is bound to have a few horrible bugs by now.