Puppies!?! The title limit is lame

I’m so pride now, CDDA has its own catsplosion thing like in the dwarf fortress! Sign of the maturing game i would say! :grin:


Noticed a change in my puppers. They now read as passive. What is the difference between passive and friendly, and are there more changes to their attitudes?

Dogs breed on here? Thats good to know. I’ve been keeping the ones I’ve tamed in pet carriers because the little bastards were shitting all over my bunker. I’ll have to dig a sub basement to let them run free in, so I can have an endless supply of self replicating attack animals.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (This is complete sentence for the filter).

OMG so that’s how they make chicken nuggets. I hope that is fake.

Also, as a Dwarf Fortress player, I can confidently say a puppysplosion is not a problem, just another good supply of meat and bones. In my fort they would survive for about ten minutes before being sent to the butcher and their bones to the crossbow bolt shop.

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I would have THOUGHT this was obvious, but don’t post gore.

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