Puppies!?! The title limit is lame

So I went out to check my perimeter, killed a few zambies, came back into my house to unload the couple things I grabbed off them and then grabbed my cart my companion and called my dog to go loot some more. As i got outside I see 4 labrador puppies… I hurried back inside to get some more dog food and tame them and then hurried them into my base.

Did they come from my labrador or are they just a random spawn? My Dog seems to have vanished in the process too…

Well, see, when a momma dog and a daddy dog love each other very much . . .

And then nine weeks later puppies come bursting out of the momma like that one scene in alien leaving only tattered heaps of flesh behind.

At least, that’s what they taught me in public school.


Seems so, my poor doggo is missing and nothing in the log says anything. I did a thorough search of the area and he is missing… Seems weird and like a coincidence rather than a mechanic.

I never tried to get a pet after in an old release it turned out they can’t sit into a vehicle and they get hit by it like a random monster. I know there is a pet carrirer, but still…

Anyway, can we name a pet? If not, this should be a feature, if yes then try to search for your pet’s name in your save directory. If you find it in a file, look into it you will see it is a name of a corpse or a living thing.

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I’ve still never tamed a dog. Maybe I’ll add it to my bucket list, right next to swimming in a river.

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Yea you can name them. I’ll check.

You can name a pet. You tie them to one place with a rope. You can milk sheep or cows. You can load small pets into pet carriers or bird carriers, and larger ones into vehicle mounted livestock stalls for safe transport in vehicles.

I have a medium priority task to rework vehicle collision so creatures in vehicles don’t cause collisions, but the vehicle collision code is nasty so it’ll be a while before I get there.


That is awesome, CDDA growing so fast i can’t follow the changes! :smiley:

So basically cata ate my named dog with a bag on him and then felt sorry for me and spawned puppies randomly…

one of my guess is, that the dog was pregnant and like the pregnant cockroach does on death, it spawned on death the puppies? which sounds very horrible though

So I can put a cow on my car and always have fresh milk?

I didn’t think the mechanics were that deep for dogs, but they did just change them.

The cow disappears into the vehicle part because I haven’t figured out how to disable animal-vehicle collisions yet. You’ll have to take the cow out of the stall to milk and put it back into to travel. It’s not quite milk-on-tap yet.

nah. At the beginning, one dog becomes two dogs.

4 puppies have suddenly become a couple dozen…


there are more outside…

I went out and tore down some curtains and and come back to a puppslosion…

So I guess they spawn each other… this is kinda cool and kinda nuts. Probably needs to be toned down… I don’t want this to end up like some of my Dwarf fortresses when I have cats.

Yeah, I think they’re still dialing it in. This whole baby animal situation is relatively new.

I have recently been overrun by about a jillion baby chicks. Until we implement a way to batter and deep fry them, I’m not sure what to do about it.


Mmmm crunchy chicks. I need some evil points.

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Does dogs need constant food per time or are they just like npcs with the without needs mod on?

I only needed to feed them once to make them friendly. I do have npc needs off though.

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I see i’ll definitely try to get some dogs as pets <3

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