Mod zombies to drop limbs when butchered, not tainted meats

Could make it as an addon to change the game so not everyone have to put up with it.

Zombies drops arms, legs, head and torso when butchered. Butcher those, you get tainted meat and bones.

Maybe add blood? Buckets upon buckets of tainted blood from draining limbs. Coat yourself with the blood, lose some moral, but tricks zombies into thinking you’re one of them.

Still working on a steam machine mod, I can’t find the ID list. Once that’s finished, I’ll move onto this one if no one want to build it.

That definitely would add to immersion. Something about leaving piles of green steaks laying around when I don’t want to damage my weapon just feels…meh. Physically adding blood to the butchering process on the tiles around you would be a nice touch too.

I’ve also been hoping for someone making it possible to butcher in adjacent spaces; I had a zombie bear fall down into a spike pit, where I promptly beat its head in with a crowbar while it as getting back up, but then I had the issue of having that zombie corpse sitting there forever because I couldn’t pick it up, and I couldn’t bury the thing because filling the pit somehow magically poofs the dirt underneath the corpse. Then it bugged out anyway and it thought there was a pit there permanently even after I filled it in. I’ve also had cyborgs fall on top of dissectors and if you think i’m stepping on one of those to get the corpse, you’re batty. But that also raises how I’m supposed to lift a literal half ton off the ground with ANY character.

Maybe support for dragging corpses. Treat bodies kind of like frames and leave trails of gore behind depending on what it is. That’d be amazing. Also probably easier than programming adjacent butchering but what do I know.

Creepy. And cool. And i imagine that with this i can put zombie heads in sticks to scare NPCs and make the smell hide your base.

And also, doing like in DF and throwing heads to kill things.

I wouldn’t mind beating a zombie to death with the limb of its brethren, to be honest. Or have a pit full of body parts.

This man Knows.

Perhaps unskilled at survival characters are more likely to get covered in blood while butchering? This would cause them to become wet (which would have its own penalties associated with it) and take a morale hit while wearing the bloody clothes? Perhaps some perk would change the morale hit into a benefit.

Fixed that for you.

Wet was kind of intentionally used. Similar to the rain debuff, it would go away slowly as the blood dried. They’d remain bloody well after which would continue to add it’s own debuff (or buff, if you’re into that).