PSA: Official Discord Launch

The CDDA/Clever Raven development team is pleased to announce the opening of the official Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Development Server on Discord! Our new server is not intended to replace the unofficial CDDA discord, where there are many channels to chat about cataclysm gameplay or to chat with cataclysm players about other topics. The official server is specifically dedicated to development and modding discussion. As such, the developers have a say in how the server is run, as it’s meant to be an environment for constructive development discussion. As this is a purpose-built server, individuals who obstruct the flow of development in various ways will find those behaviors unwelcome. That being said, everyone gets a clean slate in this discord: No warnings or bans you received in the other discord follow you, and we will not hold against you any bans you may have on the github. Be aware that if you take the same actions that cause you to get banned in either place, it will result in the same end. Here is the discord invite:


Trying to track the development and roadmap/plans for this can be a bit tricky sometimes. So having this will be good, count me there.

nearly gave me a heart attack by the words “official launch”

Definitely interested in learning the ropes on how to contribute, I’ll pop in an out. Thanks for organizing this. : ]