Prototype Portals implemented (Was Non-Euclidean Level design?)

And you shot me down when I suggested this! Admittedly, I honestly couldn’t have pulled it off, I’m glad you decided to do it yourself. :V

I honestly didn’t think it was possible until yesterday, not without totally hosing performance. But I read this thread and everything clicked into place how it would work, to the point where now I’m seriously wondering if it will be able to handle recursive portals.

Now the question rises, is it foreseeable that this function would still work in 3d?

Hell, I’m shocked it worked so beautifully in the first place. It looks as though the proper arrangement of portals would allow us to do insane shit like shoot ourselves.

For ∞ corridors that are symmetrical and don’t have any changes throughout we can just TP the player back to the start?

Good question.
There’s no reason this should interfere with multi-z levels. I had this in mind when implementing it, and would have shelved it if it would have interefered with z-level expansion.
Recursive portals (active portals on the other side of a portal) do not work in the current implementation, and there might be issues with making it work. I’ll have to see how that develops as I finish the implementation.