Teleports to other planes of existence/places/times

How hard would it be to code portals, which takes character to, for example, Lunar Base, or Sahara desert, or prehistoric times (Dino Mod!), other plane of existence (Arcana)?

There has to be new Map created, I guess.


I would imagine it would be easy if you treat the portal as a staircase and the other worldly plane as a basement, the size would be limited, but it could be better than nothing.

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It’s not as hard as you might expect, you need to be able to have portals persistently connect to each other so that you can travel back and forth, you need the game to track which “world” you are currently in, and the code that generates maps needs to respect the world settings.

I’d say the hardest part is simply producing all the content to populate the other side of the portal.


What about player constructed portals?

Being able to set up a portal network to other planes would be cool. I can see my bunker having a heavily guarded Stargate room. Even if its not to other worlds, using them to travel to distant/inconvenient to reach locations on earth would be nice. It would make a decent substitute for true fast travel (which seems like it would be difficult to implement).

Especially nice for exploration if you could mount one inside your deathmobile and link it to your base.

Same as anything else craftable in the game, link me a youtube video of someone making one with readily-accessible tools and it’ll go right in.

I was actually thinking it would be something you could only find in a lab and then set up elsewhere. Like an experimental system undergoing field tests that you pillaged. The construction part would just be setting them up, bracing them, etc but would require an uncraftable portal generator or something. You wouldn’t be building it so much as transporting it and setting it up elsewhere.


That’s much closer to reasonable, but for in-game purposes I’d rather not go that direction because there are a number of problems with it:

How big is the device?
How easy is it to disassemble and reassemble?
Does it require understanding the theory of operation to disassemble/reassemble?
Does it require calibration if moved?
Does it require 15th dimensional calculus to calculate coordinates?
What are the power supply and other support needs of the device? Are those portable?

Well, since it would be an endgame utility to begin with, those are all things which could be components to get the system running. Five minireactors as components consuming plutonium cells for power. A super computer from a lab. An operational manual for disassembling/reassembling and calibrating the destination. Computer skills and mechanic skills at high level.

This wouldn’t be something somebody doing an innawoods playthrough could do. You would have to probably raid several labs to get the components. Maybe require the assistance of NPC followers and have it be a mission for the camp or something. After disassembling it in the lab, you have to send like 5-10 minions to go retrieve the parts and bring them back. Maybe have a quest to find a scientist or engineer to help you get it up and running.

Honestly, even if this doesn’t get included, some method of moving around the map faster/less tedious would be nice. This just seems like a way to do it.

Fundamentally I’m just not buying the, “ragtag group of survivors reassembles an interdimensional portal” story. It just doesnt fit.

Repair and reacivation of an existing one? Sure.

Thats totally backwards. I’m completely against the game trope of using superscience for trivialities like fast travel.
We can do fast travel right without inconviniencing the player, adding teleportation as a convinience is just lazy.


I was under the impression that fast travel with vehicles was not going to be practical?

No, its totally doable, itll just require some work.

How about the Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues item you get from the Think Tank called the Transportalponder, which teleports you to and from Big Mountain, essentially giving you your own home right in your pocket to instantly travel to.

You aren’t a Terminator fan are you? >;P

You pretty much summed up the entire franchise lol

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You mean the resistance who break into Skynet’s compound, then capture and use its prototype time machine? Or something that was added in the lousy post Judgment Day sequels/TV shows?
'Cause they didn’t move or reassemble the time machine, they just fought their way in after the Terminator was sent back to kill Sara Connor.

I’m interested in this topic but don’t have a lot to add. I think that portals as a means of ‘fast travel’ is an error.

I think that teleportation/portals should lead to new game content, exploring a foreign land a la Half Life’s Xen. Or zen. Or Xan (or was that the unreal tournament guy?) Or whatever it was called. Little snatches into another world thereby creating ‘new’ content.

Little “snatches” into another world.

Perhaps the most unique vag reference I’ve heard in a long time lol

But yeah. I would agree to other world jumps. Would be interesting to explore messed up planes.

The only reason I proposed fast travel via portals was because I was under the mistaken impression that it was not going to be possible to make vehicles do it, from reading older posts elsewhere. Since it WILL be possible, I definitely agree with Kevin on the “superscience for trivialities” issue. Its completely unnecessary.

As for portals to other worlds/planes:YES PLEASE! Maybe there could be resources or something that you can only find on other planes.

I would love to launch an invasion of the netherworld or homeworlds of the Fungus or Triffids for the purposes of extracting alien oil/minerals or something. Or even just to cause havoc. Set a mininuke, then drop my power armor greaves and moon the mi-go or whatever tentacled gribblies are running around, and walk back through the portal before it goes off.

Better run back through that portal, hop in your car and floor it, since the portal goes both ways. Unless the portals use the terminator logic, in which case getting that mini nuke through in the first place is going to be a major pain in the ass.

The recent red overlay bug give ideas on ways of the other-side looking different, without having to make entirely new tielsets for it.

Well, it depends if the “portal” is unidirectional or omnidirectional.

If its unidirectional like in Stargate for example, I’d just go back through to earth and get BEHIND it, since the ensuing shockwave and pulse of hard gamma and x-ray radiation would be directed away from me. I mean, you would still need to get a little distance away to not get baked by the heated air, but it would be significantly more survivable than being near a nuclear detonation.

For an omnidirectional portal, yeah, you better book it.

Don’t forget the Lovecraftian Dimension. How many shots would it take to kill Cthulhu? I dunno, I JUST WANNA GO THERE!

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