Portal Generator

It would be really awesome for this to work.

Maybe like in half-life, go to a alternate universe for a brief period of time.

Was really disappointed in Cataclysm: Roguelike survival when i found one and couldn’t step through the portal.

Maybe even have it portal you to a unique mansion, then hint that it’s Michael Jackson’s by having a surgical room with pigment implantations, 100 or so kids beds next to the master bedroom, a jukebox playing Smooth Criminal, and T-Shirts with Slogans on them like;
“Just beat it!”
“Once you go to Neverland ranch, you never come back… The same!”
“Peter Pan Fan Club!”
“I’ve got 99 problems, but growing up ain’t one!”
“Black or white, or both!?”

Portals of various types are eventually planned (along with stepping through them to other worlds and all else that entails). For the moment though, that is rather far down on the dev list, and there are quite a few other things that will need to happen first.

That makes sense.

Not sure if they are despawned in current version (haven’t found one yet).

But maybe leave them out until coded to avoid disappointment.