Something hurts! Stop aiming? (i)Ignore = instant death (experimental)

If I say “ignore” when this prompt appears, the game seems to completely ignore any further commands and at extremely fast rate speed forwards all monsters’ attacks and my actions are just skipped, until I die. Usually it takes a couple seconds to die this way (skipping a hundred turns or so) because it literally fast forwards until the player character dies.

This happened to me with a bow and a coilgun, so it’s not weapon-specific. This happens when any monster attacks me in melee while I’m trying to shoot it point-blank. This obviously is extremely dangerous because it can kill the player in a matter of seconds of real-time bypassing turn-based nature of the game. The only way to survive is to press 5 while this fast-forwarding occurs.

Is this a known bug?


That’s weird it should take more than a few second to get killed by a monster, also a 100 turn is 100s

The thing is, turns are skipped in realtime. Like, you see the game on fast forward, so in 3 realtime seconds you see dozens of turns pass as if you were just holding “wait” button and automatically ignoring all warning prompts.

Do you have a save where it can be reproduced reliably?

Here’s a video of what it looks like:

Here’s a link to my save. To repro, come close to a monster, shot point blank and hit “ignore” 1 or 2 times. Works every time for me, I’m running current experimental build from 2 days ago or so.

How do you imagine aiming a firearm as long as a rifle or a bow at a distance of 1-2 steps from the enemy? It seems to me that when I tried to raise my weapon to aim, I would be hit, and before I could move away from the blow and start aiming again, I could be hit again, and so on in a circle to death. Nevertheless, it might be possible to shoot with a pistol, not by bringing it forward at arm’s length, but directly from the hip, shooting from the body, but does the game take this into account? She counts in action points, like, counting everything.

You cannot be possibly saying that this is an intended feature. Especially considering that you routinely encounter “a new zombie spotted” prompts as well as other unimportant prompts that you actually WANT to skip while aiming along this one prompt that just insta-kills you if you mess it up once.

The fact that the aim is broken by getting hit is intended feature. Deciding to completely ignore warnings about being hit is your choice - you can always choose “no” instead of “ignore”, that would allow you to cancel aiming and try something else, or choose aiming again… The only bug I see is ignore option actually not doing its work until you choose it twice.

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So yeah you trying to shoot a bow that you’re not strong enough to use in the face of a zombie that is already hitting you that’s probably why you’re getting hurt. I’m not sure what can be done here code wise.

Maybe there all correct: first notice damage from acid, and the second after zombie vomit acid directly on the player (in the first case, apparently, the zombies made a puddle under the player, not directly at the player tossed, because in the second case, there are numbers of damage, not just writing about acid burning in the legs).

This happens with any monster, including those that can’t penetrate my armor.

In the first case, the game warns that enemy hit you, in the second - enemy hit something. Maybe this is due to different types of attacks, as in this example - there are at least 2 types of attack, apparently creating acid under the player and in the other - throwing up directly on the player. And for other zombies, maybe this is a notification about the capture, and not a normal hit.

In any case, I don’t know exactly what this is about. Maybe just the ability to cancel the first ignore, because the game hinted that not everything can be OK.

Ya it’s a death spiral that’s happened to me a lot. Gotta make sure you never ignore pain while aiming, really annoying when chemical imbalance decides to say hi.

AFAIK, taking damage in any extent causes your ‘to aim’ time to increase, but it doesnt always end up a death spiral

… its usually when you’ve got a zombie standing right in front of you and you choose to § carefully aim. if a zombies right next to you, do an (a) aim instead, and you’ll likely fire after a few turns of getting hit instead. (and i say this ususally holding a rifle in my hands, not a bow, so probably closer to 5-6 turns.) if a zombie is close enough to hit you, you should either cycle to run and put some distance (a few squares) or whip out the melee weapon.