Proficiencies not progressing? (experimental)

I’m strugging with the experimental version of CDDA after playing 1E for a while. I’m trying to figure out how proficiencies work and as far as I understand they are supposed to be obtained just by crafting recipes that require them. However, I noticed that some proficiencies even within one recipe are progressing fine and some just stay at 0. For example after crafting an entire set of chitin armor (arms, head, body), I have quickly acquired Joint Articulation, Garment Closures and Principles of Leatherworking, but Chitinworking seems to stay at exactly 0 and never moved anywhere. There’s a bunch more recipes that I finished without acquiring any amount in the corresponding proficiencies. What am I missing?

ya just gotta do it over and over and over and over again, really

that said, the only thing that proficiencies really give you is less chance of failure and faster crafting times, so its not like its 100% essential.

Proficiencies can depend on other proficiencies, and if they do, you do not learn them without the prerequisite. In this case, I believe chitinworking depends on leatherworking proper, not just the principles.

So you’re saying that if you’re missing multiple proficiencies, they’ll be learnt in sequence one at a time? That could explain it, I think, because I was advancing one of them and not the other.