Potential Bug - Can't Learn "Cobbling"

As title says.

I had to create a test world to confirm this and indeed it seems to be impossible to learn / develop the “Cobbling” proficiency.

There seems to be no Tailoring Book that teaches it either, but worst of all is that even by crafting close to 100 items that use that proficiency, it doesn’t even show up in your @ screen, at all.

For clarity purposes, what I did:
New character with all 20s for his stats, level 10 Fab, Tailoring, Mechanics and Survival.
Gave him “All Recipes” and materials to craft “pair of Leather Sandals”, “pair of Scrap Boots” and “pair of Western Boots” multiple times.

At first I did one by one, then 3 by 3, and ended up doing a batch of 50 which took a while.

End result after 13 In-Game-Days, crafting 26 Scrap Boots, 63 Leather Sandals and 62 Western Boots:

  • Joint Articulation
  • Leatherworking
  • Principles of Metalworking
  • Principles of Leatherworking.

So, am I missing something here? Or is this specific proficiency not working as intended? All others you seem to “learn them” as you practice.

EDIT: should add that my current “long play” / “main character” has crafted a full set of Heavy Survivor Suit and also has earned 0% Cobbling Proficiency.

You need to learn both the closures and principles of leatherworking proficiencies to learn cobbling.

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Is there a way to know that from inside the game?

Out of curiosity, where do players actually find that information, be it in-game or anywhere related to C:DDA? Because the proficiencies system has been live for a while now, but there’s barely any information on it anywhere other than the odd post / reply that shows up in forums / reddit. Not going to count with the Wiki because that is severely outdated or outright missing entries - although understandably so, considering there may not be any volunteers interested to do the upkeep, added to the lack of actual detailed change logs.

I ask this as a legitimate question, because the “updates” in the launcher only link to the “code” that was changed and not to an actual readable change log, so it kinda feels like people miss out on information from updates / patches that have witty/funny titles to them with no description whatsoever.

Proficiencies that you can’t earn xp for (due to lacking some lower tier proficiency) are marked red in the crafting menu.

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Does “some” mean if item X requires prof Y but learning Y requires A and/or B, all we see is “Y in red” and no indication of A or B? Or some indication that those are needed? Or explicit message about needing them? Or something else?

All you see is that the proficiency name is in red.
I’ve not thought of a good what to display the prerequisites for proficiencies at this time.

unfortunately there’s no easy way to figure out in game what the proficiency tree actually is. If you want to know the exact prerequisites for any given proficiency you can search for the proficiency name on the github. That should get you to the json file, which lists prerequisite proficiencies.

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Why not display it as a tree?

And where should that tree be displayed?

Under “Proficiencies missing:”

Given that they do have some long names and failure rates displayed, wouldn’t that make it more confusing than less?

Not with proper indentation and use of colours, no.

I don’t think there’s enough space there, that interface is cramped as is.

I prefer a cluttered interface to having to dig into code to understand why things do not work, or to learn how they work.

If it turns out unreadable it’s not of much use to anyone.

probably the best way to solve this so its no longer a problem is to make it so that any piece of equipment that requires a higher tier proficiency also gives the two lower required proficiencies, so you can either figure out the two you need via wiki or word of mouth, or brute force it by crafting and dismantling.

or we could add some sort of proficiencies screen that you access through the menu, that just shows you the tree. That could be one way of doing it without cluttering the crafting interface. Sure, you need to exit the crafting menu to pull up that screen, but that seems better than mucking up the crafting interface

That actually sounds like a good idea.
Seeing the @ menu already has a list for the proficiencies, why not allow the user to “highlight” an already “in progress” or “attained” proficiency to see what it leads to / what it requires or required to be there. Or even better: from there, open a small menu with an alphabetical list of all proficiencies and their requirements.

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I would actually like it if you gained some xp in the prerequisites if you work on a proficiency you lack prereqs for. It just isn’t implemented yet.

We probably should have proficiency requirements listed in the @ menu somewhere. Needs someone to implement it