Good way to level proficiencies

First time messing around in .F, and I am trying to understand the new proficiencies system.

Yes, yes, I am a little behind the 8ball on this one, as I have been reading posts complaining about it for awhile. However, with more people using it, I am wondering if there if there is more information available then just “craft your way through it, but longer this time”.

Look at this screenshot and help me understand this specific scenario:

Leather boots

I understand that I have “Principles of Leatherworking” learned, that is in the @ screen. @ screen also says I am learning leather working (22%) right now, but “Cobbling” isn’t on the list at all.

If I were to craft something easier, like leather sandals, my leather working prof. gets higher, but Cobbling never shows and stays red. Why is that? Is it a book I am missing?

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You need to learn leatherworking before you can learn cobbling. We haven’t got a good way to display that yet.