Need help with proficiencies

Hello fellow survivors! Today i went ahead & tried to do some sort of challenge, by picking the “Churl” starting scenario, and i would like to do a “knight in shining armor” sorta character, however i can´t seem to gain the “armorsmithing” proficiency. Can somebody please tell me how can i gain it? Also, if it is already avaliable, can someone post a link to a page where i can look at the full proficiencies list? Thank you for your time! :grin:

currently, the proficiency system works in that you do the thing that requires the proficiency in order to gain the proficiency… so, for example, if you want armorsmithing you’ll have to make armor, and you’ll have to make more than a few sets because you’re trying to learn how to do it properly.

the full current proficiencies list is in the folder data/json/proficiencies, with each text file containing the code for em (its not super complicated)

currently for armorsmithing you work metal til you get metalworking, then you work on weapons to get blacksmithing, which will let you work on armor for armorsmithing. (not sure why its in this order buthey i didnt make it.)

of note: you do NOT need a proficiency to create something, just that not having it makes a recipe take much longer and have a higher chance of failure.


yes, i noticed that, but taking a whole day to make a set of scrap armor is somewhat annoying. I totally missed metalworking tho, so i´ll work on that one. Thank you for the info!

one of the things you should do in your blacksmithing area is to set up an auto eat/drink zone with a small stockpile of high calorie food, would make things easier on you because you wont have to stop every so often to do things, (Y) then (A) to add a spot