How does the robit police Friend or Foe detection work?

So awhile ago I saw something about eyebots leaving and presumed they leave when a police officer is in play. Now I chose to be a police officer on this playthrough, but the police still engaged me.

…Is it because police traditionally aren’t lizards of unsual size?

  1. Are you in the System as a cop? (Profession trait Police Officer, Police Detective, or US Marshal) If so, continue.
    If not, you’re impersonating an officer! VERY SERIOUS CRIME, SEND BOTS AND ALERT HUMAN OFFICERS

  2. Are you wearing your badge? If so, continue. If not, must be a lookalike or perhaps you’re off-duty. Either way, best send some bots to make sure.

  3. If it’s an eyebot, it should acknowledge you at this point and either stick around harmlessly, or fly away. Actual cop/riot bots have that pesky Kill Everything programming courtesy of the Cataclysm, so your badge won’t help against them.

THRESH_LIZARD doesn’t block PROF_POLICE…though it probably should. Your Long Muzzle and scales are NOT visible in your personnel photo so the bot shouldn’t recognize you that way.

I got to the end of your list and I’m still currently sitting here in cuffs waiting for a horde ot eat me, but correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t going over a threshold change your profession? It doesn’t say “Police Officer” anymore, it just says "Male | "

Correction, according to my save file I’m still a cop:

“profession” : “cop”,
“scenario” : “precinct_zed”,

Just to be clear, I’m still getting the “The eyebot takes your picture!” message.

Yeah, the top part hasn’t been responding to your Thresh for a while. Probably some infrastructure thing. If it says “Police Officer” or “Police Detective” in your trait list, you’re in.

I’ll take a look.

Update: started as a cop, had the trait, was wearing the badge, smashed a vending machine, eyebot eventually arrived, I walked up into photo range, and it departed as a human officer was on the scene.

Gave myself THRESH_LIZARD and it still left w/o complaint. Sorry, Ekarus. :frowning:

Found out what was wrong, painfully obvious and should have checked it first, wrong version.