Profession gimmick

Long time lurker here and I got a idea with all the role play jobs that we could have a small easter egg

So I present THE DOCTOR

Description: Doctor? Doctor who?
Equipment: suit,screwdriver,dress shoes.
Cost: 0 maybe 1

Basicly its just the doctor from doctor who just as a gimmick for role play or whatever.

…Maybe as a joke on Christmas, I’m aware that New England isn’t England but it’s about as close as we’re gonna get… (For those of you unaware, something bad always seems to happen in England on Christmas on the show.)

“You’ve transcended time and solved problems in the past, but this time, your screwdriver might not be enough”

I was surprised the OP didn’t mention what I assumed this was gonna be.

A true easter egg profession would be
[size=18pt]ROGUELIKE DEVELOPER[/size]
Comes with anything Kevin, Rivet, Freezer and all the other puppet pals could come up with in their own personal cataclysms.

I imagine they all start with laptop computer.