Problems with planks?

Heey all, this is my first Topic on here^^
The thing is i have problems turning logs into planks, the game is slowing so much down its down to 1 sec at the time, am i the only one there i seeing this ?

“EDIT im on the last expermental build”

P.S i know my enlish issent the best bare over with me plz ^^

Yes, the game is slower than it used to be. If the game is unbearably/extremely slow when you are cutting planks and it is reproducible, post the save file, and it might help profile and identify if there is something else slowing down the game…

The game seems to have slowed a bit on longer crafts/tasks since I last played. Reading is slower too. Of course I’m playing on a potato so it’s just something I’ve learned to live with.

My suggestion? Treat it like something of an idle-game. Go read a book or find a hobby to occupy yourself while the game is in its “slow points.” You can do IRL crafting while your character is in-game crafting,

how many boards are you trying to cut? because sometimes the game can lag from attempting to process too many things.
Are there any external things going on like a nearby fire or ant/fungal/triffid infestation? Because those can slow down the game significantly

Im only trying to cut 1 log, and i have tryed with wood axe, wood saw, chain saw and eletric chain saw, same problem.
And my speed is 120000 then im doing it (i will try and upload a pic )

Emm okey, but how shut i post my save file :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar problem: cutting logs into planks freezes the app for a couple seconds everytime I complete the action.