Reading, Crafting, and Sleeping are suddenly slow

I’m playing on 0.C gff3f866 SDL. I’m running on Windows 8.1 64x if that matters.

The game was running perfectly until rather suddenly, reading\crafting\sleeping became extremely slow. It doesn’t matter whether I’m sleeping in the LMOE Shelter, or on the surface level, it still happens.

My save file, for reference:

Had this happen to me a week ago, turned out there was an NPC survivor hanging out around the back of my safehouse. I gunned him down in cold blood and everything sped back up again. Might not be your issue, but worth a look?

Well, can’t be an NPC since I dont’ have NPCs set to spawn at all. I checked for creatures around anyway, but couldn’t find any. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I’ve had this happen as well. No lag or framerate drops. The time counter (was wearing a watch) would just take alot longer to move to the next tick. Exiting and restarting the game has resolved this for me every time it’s occurred.