Time skip when doing things

i think the option to just have the game jump cut to the next interruption/ completion of a task would help out. example. i was custom building a vehicle. started on day 9 of spring. day 15 when i was just about to finish added all the main boards and such game crashed suddenly. and the game last saved when i was starting the building. This took 5 Real life hours to do 5 FUCKING HOURS. and doing this way out in the woods i ran in to only a few monsters meaning a just jump to the end and not 5 min jumps would say me a lot of time

I don’t understand your complaint, are you complaining the game crashed and you failed to save or are you complaining that the game doesn’t insta-speed through actions?

Each time you add a board or any vehicle part, you complete work on it and then have to initiate the next action, right? So in six days of work you had dozens and dozens of opportunities to save, the crash sucks but it’s your own fault for not saving.

The game doesn’t jump-cut for a reason. The world is moving around you and it wants to give you time to react to outside events. How else would you simulate the passage of time? You could insta-jump to completion, not simulating the outside world. This is obviously not very realistic. Or you could continue simulating the world but not give the player an opportunity to intervene – which would really suck.

Or you could simulate the world and pause anytime there is something the player needs to know. This is basically what the game does now, rapidly passing time and giving you the opportunity to decide what outside stimuli are worth halting progress for. It can be a pain in the ass, but it’s preferable to having a Jabberwock come and eat your face while you’re welding.

ok for a point i did not see the auto save thats know turned on and i was only say when nothing happens for hours on end and i just welder the game skips the time when it sees a monster it stops the time speed and alerts me. ever see those moments where time flies when your doing something thats what i mean here. for fairness it could not alert you till you get hit

For me it’s the escape button then number 8 to quicksave. Get in the habit of punching it once or twice a day, it’ll save you a lot of grief in the long run.

I still think the way it is now is probably the best it could be. I think time passes pretty quickly and the interruptions are still, in my mind, the best option.

i would say a option to change the ticks since for me it does 5 mins each time and that feels slow tho i could just be the game kept spawning monsters to find me and it felt like it slowed the construction

In my experience, the game goes as fast as your computer can handle. Try sleeping in a basement with Z-levels off and enjoy how much faster the time passes compared to other places you can sleep.

In your case, I’d be willing to bet there was animals and such wandering around eating up CPU time, so time didn’t pass as fast as it could. If you want you could just use the debug menu and do things quickly.

yeah ended up doing debug stealth mode since part of what slowed it down was the few zombies or more hostile animals seeing me miles away and coming in (i admilty was in a wide open field so kind of stood out