Targeting doesn't work properly

When firing a weapon or throwing something, the game targets the square you last targeted (or examined?) relative to your location, rather than the nearest enemy or yourself. So you I try to throw a rock at a boomer and before I realize where the reticle is, I end up quarterbacking it 32 squares in the opposite direction and smashing out the headlight on my car, so I can’t see anymore.

This only seems to happen if you pressed Enter on that square, but I have no idea what the exact criteria is.

The new changes to targeting are taking some time to get used to.

I’ve found that if I cancel out when I don’t have a target selected and relaunch the fire command, I get the targeting reticle recentered on my character.

It heavily depends on what you were aiming at. If you panned onto an enemy then it will continue to snap to it till it leaves your firing arc or dies. If you aim at an item like a wall or vehicle it really depends one how the game feels I have honestly found zero relation through game play to its behavior here sometimes it latches other times it snaps to you and some times it just buggers right on off and aims at something through a wall(note that this only happened twice and it latches on to what I’m guessing was sound as I had no vision there no idea else wise has to why).
So tldr aiming does what it wants cause it’s a free independent code who does what it wants most the time.

I don’t think this is intentional. It allows objects to be thrown much further than they normally would be. For example, normally I can throw a laundry basket one space. If I throw a baseball 50 spaces away, then pick the laundry basket, I can throw it 50 spaces too, provided the cursor complies.

Now I just have to figure out how to use this to start ripping out 4-banger engines to use as impromptu artillery.

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