Need some advice on aiming interruption

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First post here. Brilliant game.

Question about aiming - when I’m point blank and try to use, say, regular aim, I get a prompt like ‘You’ve been attacked! Continue aiming’ or ‘You’ve been hurt!, Continue aiming?’. So I hit yes, because I still want to fire regardless. But it seems that getting hit can prevent you getting off the shot? I keep hitting ‘yes’ to the prompts and am hit several times, and don’t fire.

Is this normal? If so, does that limit the effectiveness of guns at short range a lot? I was using a sawn-off shotgun for emergencies when something is right in my face and I want it out of it, but if I need to create distance to get a shot off it’s not very useful.

Is there any way for me to know whether my aim has been interrupted and I’ve restarted aiming? Right now it’s just the ‘continue aiming?’ prompt. It’s kind of hard to tell.

What factors do interruption depend on? Damage done? Monster size/type? Or just getting hit is enough?

Are unaimed shots interruptible? Is that what you guys would recommend or is there some other way?

Thanks a lot!

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Basically what’s happening is that you’re trying to aim carefully and the monster is attacking you, and you’re basically wrestling with it to get the gun in position.
Just keep an eye on your confidence bars and stuff, if it looks like you’ve got a reasonable shot, say “No” when it asks if you want to keep aiming, and you’ll just take the shot as it is rather than continuing to aim.

Ah so the attack decreases the current aim level but doesn’t actually cancel it? That would make more sense. I guess I should just use manual aim rather than one of the preset levels at close range anyway. I can probably figure out what’s happening better too. Thanks.

If you’re firing point blank it might not be necessary to aim. Especially with a sawed off.

I would highly recommend using the manual aim. Press 5 to steady your shot for a short period. I NEVER use the presets because turns can pass mighty quick and that zombie over yonder can close gap in one keypress. Using 5 you can manually decide what aim is ‘good enough’ and how close is ‘too close’.

Just my opinion.

Yep it’s tempting to always precise shot… but there is a huge difference in time between what would be considered great aim and perfect aim.

In regards to what OP brought up, it’s weird to have to hit Y or N a bunch of times. It should probably skip forward to the next aim interaction after your first selection.

Thanks for the info on that guys.

I was just about to ask this very same question as my soldier spent too long aiming with a zed soldier, which broke my arm while I was trying to get a shot lined up.

I’ll have to remember the ‘.’ while aiming - I only have used that for smokers.