Latest build: Can't use Copper/Stone axes to make logs

Using the latest build cataclysmdda-0.C-7120 I’m trying to do a wild man run and build a cabin in the woods and I’ve run into a problem, both the Copper, and Stone axes are set to level one Woodcutting, but making Logs, and Planks require Level 2 woodcutting or Level two wood sawing.

Seems like an oversight.

There are two candidate fixes, thanks for reporting.

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boydkr’s PR has been merged.

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Is this still an issue? As of 0.C-26527-g7420d51 this still happens with an adze but the github says the patch was merged

If it’s just a quality issue, it’d be nice to have the description include “but it is not effective in chopping logs.” The same issue exists with the tree cutting 1 implements like the stone axe. I can chop down a tree but I can’t chop up a log.

Edit: it is just a quality issue. The construction menu lets me chop a tree trunk into planks and says it requires 2 or more.

Try "a"ctivating the tool that you are trying to use. The wood chopping activities a have been moved to iuse functions.