Presenting... THE MECHANIC!

The hero Cataclysm doesn’t deserve!
Or need!
Or particularly want!

Ok, so basically I went ahead and made my own profession.
You start off with basic power storage, solar panels, joint torsion wrenches, and an integrated tool set.
Oh and it costs you 10 points to choose this profession.

I’m posting the code here:

  "ident": "theMechanic",
  "name": "The Mechanic",
"You've always wanted to be a hero. Saving lives. Stopping villains. And then this shit happened.",
  "points": 10,
  "items": ["bio_tools", "bio_torsionratchet", "bio_power_storage" , "bio_solar" ,"jeans", "tshirt", "sneakers"]

For you all to try, and share your stories of great success or failure.

Goodluck to you all, I hope your nuts and bolts aren’t torn off by zombie dogs!

I am disappointed. Why can’t i be a robocop?

Wouldn’t the game be 10 times more fun if professions didn’t cost points? That would at least give me reason to pick one profession other than hobo or shower victor.

Hey, you can easily change the code so that its free. Or gives you 500 points for selecting it.
I did that.
That was an interesting, if shortlived run.

All of the cars.

All of them.