Pre-cataclysm game mode?

Here’s one thing my friend has talking about, if there is game mode can let you play the DDA before the infection spread…

That thing belongs to bad suggestions thread

We only focus on the time after the cataclysm for the same reason zombie movies do, it’s simpler and cheaper.
There would be a huuuuge amount of overhead in handling all the NPCs in a reasonable way in a pre-cataclysm state, and handling the cataclysm itself in any kind of sensible way would be similarly ludicrous.

I thought about making some sort of a non-interactive intro piece to the game, where you’re in a house, you hear the sounds of violence nearby, gunshots and zombie screams and whatnot, then a bunch of soldiers come in and force you on to a transport where they carry you to an evac shelter, where you’re ordered to remain while they recover more civilians. Then it sort of does a time lapse where it shows different NPCs being brought in and then becoming convinced that they’ve been abandoned and leaving the shelter, until it finally ends in the situation where you start the game.

It sounds like it would be a huge pain in the ass to actually implement something like that though.

Something scripted like that would be a lot easier, but still a significant amount of work.

We could probably also have some simple before the cataclysm “game modes”. Proven that they took place in walled off sections and had few NPCs.

As an example; you could have a scenario in which you spawned as member of a lab security team who is given the job of shutting down an out of control portal generator. It could be a simple as: a completely sealed and well designed laboratory layout, a pair of friendly npc followers to help you survive(food), a bunch of victim scientist NPCs and some scary and difficult monsters (xenomorph style maybe?).

The outcome of such scenarios could also affect the world generation of the main game mode. Winning could spawn the lab as a powerful Old guard stronghold, while failing would spawn the lab as one of those nether influenced areas that have been discussed in the past

who wants to see the cataclysm before cataclysm it’s just need to use the mod of world without zombies and set the appearance of dynamic NPS to 100. it will be world without zombies but with high amount of NPC. let’s check how it will be work.

With the minor effect that the NPCs are still bloodthirsty and love robbing and or torching you for no reason at all~

this will turn cataclysm into dayz roguelike