Pre: Cataclysm

A suggestion i have is to add an optional mode that changes a few things in the start.
First of all, You don’t start off in an Evac shelter. You start off in a house, on a normal day. Then on the news your program stops with an emergancy message. “ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS. WE HAVE DETECTED A BIOLOGICAL ATTACK. ALL CITIZENS MUST TRAVEL STRAIGHT TO THE NEAREST EVACUATION SHELTER IMETIATLY.” basicly you have 15 minutes to go to the evac shelter, or try your luck staying in the house, which has randomized items like any other house. It might sound OP, but wait for this next part. When the game starts, like, tons of different zombies start coming out of everywhere, bombs start dropping, robots going haywire, and giant worms. Unless you get really unlucky, staying in the basement of the Evac shelter should have roughly a 95% chance of survival. Uptop should have about 68%, outside roughtly 10%, and in your house 35%. Also what happens, is out of things like manholes and science labs or military outposts, and out of the sky, clouds of zombie disease comes out and basicly you have an almost garunteed chance of catching the virus. Depending on the intense-ness of the cloud, the shorter you have untill you turn into a zombie and basicly “game-over”. So you have to go to say, then end of a science lab, get the resipie for the cure, make it, and cure yourself before you turn. Every day you spend w/ out taking the cure you get worse effects. The first day nothing happens, but the next few days you slowly get effects like turning into a zombie. Also, what i would like to see is more ruins. It makes me question the god-like building abilities of the townsfolk. Buildings should be on fire, burnt, have rubble, and only a FEW homes and buisnesses in perfect shape. I think it would make the game more interesting, and have more of a slight rush. And remember, it’s an option, not a required thing. (also things life fungal blooms and deadly swamps to apper untill after the inital cataclysm. Maybe things life the fungal blooms start off with like, fungal ground appering in an area untill if is finished. Just an idea!

Interesting idea. Small lore/gameplay note though. As of the current lore zombie-ism in cataclysm doesn’t “turn” the living. Rather it waits until they die of other causes, then resurrects them as zombies. As a matter of fact in normal cataclysm play your character is already infected with the zombie disease, and if they were to die from something other then head/torso destruction (which is not currently possible) then they would revive as a zombie post-mortem.

Uh, starvation/dehydration kill in .5. I suppose losing torso/headHP to blood loss shouldn’t count as destruction; ditto simple melee attack, bullets to torso (turret?) or possibly infection.

A lot more things should cause bleeding, honestly. Not only simple outer bleeding, but also internal bleeding from things like taking a baseball bat to the gut.

Problem with internal bleeding is that you can’t really get at it to heal. Realistic, but seems less-than-playable IMO.

Mild internal bleeding can be treated with hemostats and blood thickeners (the latter being a last resort for obvious reasons).

However, major internal bleeding, such as an organ rupture, is death. It is a “Go out in a blaze of glory” time. Or simply whimper and let the zombies nom you.

Do we know for sure that the zombie disease that was created in the science labs was really released prior to the moment the Cataclysm hit? The disease might have been around for a while before the cataclysm hit. Antibiotics that can effectively cure the disease is found in most homes, the whole zombie thing just might be a side effect of some other thing, like when vegetation and rabid dogs get out of hand after the population suffered a crippling blow. It might have been the blobs, eldritch horrors, and netherworld things, and fungal blooms that killed off everyone.

I really don’t know .-.
Mostly i don’t care if anything i said is wrong, i just would like some kind of extra thing in the begining of the game to give everyone a better picture of how the cataclysm went down.

Antibiotics don’t cure the Blob, which basically is the zombie disease. They cure the humdrum Nasty Infection of DOOM that kicks in on a bad bite.

(If you wanna cure the Blob/de-zombify someone, the scientists already got that worked out. Problem is that it involves opening up more portals.)

Ah, thanks for connecting the dots on those random letters and numbers in those lab reports.

Gotta admit though, zombiesm being a mundane thing and controlled like rabies in the dog population does sound quite appealing.