Power Grids, Z levels and LMOE (Experimental 051a3c7)

I am trying to power a LMOE shelter, but I can’t figure out how to connect power across z levels. Also the LMOE shelter does not seem to have wired walls above ground, but the main thing is how on earth do you connect power across z levels?

I haven’t tried the new appliances, but with the older “vehicle” variant you used jumper cables and heavy jumper cables. Climb up onto the roof/surface, connect one end, move down, and connect the other. No point in the path you take can be further away from the source tile than the allowed length of the cable, so you’d want your connection points to be close to where you climb up/down.
For appliances there are extension cords and outdoor extension cords that I suspect fulfill a corresponding purpose (otherwise the vehicle method probably works).

Only some kinds of walls have wires in them, and the selection is somewhat random. Some of the base camp construction material choices result in wires, while others do not. However, you can probably use extension cords to connect things instead as a work around.

Thanks - I’ll experiment along those lines and post back the results.

edit - Well, I can’t on that play-through - I got killed by a giant wasp while chopping wood…
Still - if I learn anything it will go here…

Outdoor extension cord → Apply → Move down one level, the extension must show that still active → attach to appliance. Message show if success.
New appliance system totally change base usefulness. Also invalidate or make obsolete some base recipes. Still cant figure how to expand base, ask for bed but I already drag beds from nearby building. Dont want to build the rooms from recipe :stuck_out_tongue:

If your base camp isn’t the field base hub version 2 expansion slots are tied to recipe constructed beds. One expansion can be made for every two beds (rounded up, so the first bed immediately allows for a first expansion). The field base hub version 2 has the bed tie severed, so all expansions can be used immediately.

Thus, to expand the majority of the base camp versions you HAVE to follow the base camp hub upgrade path to build beds.

Also, thanks for giving a description of how to connect appliances across Z levels.

I can confirm it worked for me like this.

I set up a solar panel outside LMOE at ground level.
Ran Outdoor extension down to wall wiring inside LMOE.
Connected charged Battery to wall
Connected lamp and fridge to wall
Battery charge dropped while fridge and lamp were powered.
Turned off fridge and lamp
Waited an hour
Battery charge was full again - presumably due to solar panel.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer.
I was about to ask if you know what file to edit to unlock expansion but just found them in “recipes”.

Edit : Nop, I speak too soon, cant find the right one :stuck_out_tongue:

In order to bypass the bed requirements you have to add the bed token with a count of 16 (twice the number of available expansions) to a construction recipe you haven’t built and then build it. You can look at the recipes for version 2 of the field base camp. It’s in the “common” file for the setup of the camp. Again, it won’t do anything until you actually construct the thing that adds the bed (it ought to be possible to add a dummy construction that just provides the beds, I think).
I assume it would also be possible to hack the appropriate save file and add the 16 bed count there.

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That´s a super answer!
Thank you!

How do you attach multiple solar panels? Is each an extension cord? Also, is there a functional difference between an outdoor extension cord and a regular one?

My very limited experience with appliances indicates that appliances automatically connect to adjacent appliances when placed (base on the number of power cords listed when examining them). Thus, the extension cords would be needed only to connect “islands” to each other (like a power generation one on aroof and the powered equipment inside).
Don’t know about the functional difference, but an extension cable has a shorter maximum connection range than a heavy duty one, which may or may not be a relevant comparison (and I’ll use only outdoor ones for outdoor use for role playing reasons when I get to the stage where I have something to connect).