Possible problem with proximity/hurt warnings

I’m pretty certain there’s a bug with monster proximity warning system since after patching yesterday I got chain attacked to death thrice while consuming something.

In practice I expect to be notified when I hear something, spot something, something is “dangerously close” or when I get hurt and given the option to stop consuming. Now it seems that this works unreliably. I loaded the same game 10 times and about half the time when using bandage in proximity of a random zombie resulted in me getting the proper warning while in the other half of cases there was no pause. Just instant death through 100 hits while bandaging. This happened without me ignoring any warnings, since there were none.

I can’t figure out what specifically causes the variation, but I hope this info is of some use in tracking down the bug.

This already has a git issue and bounty, so rest assured people know about it, and there is a half solution already in the works. [$185] Bandaging while danger near doesn't stop bandaging, even to death. · Issue #56776 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

Ah, good it’s being fixed.

And since it is now confirmed a bug, I can resurrect my latest character, since it’s 100% objectively not scumming =)

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Yeah, can confirm it’s even an issue in Stable atm.