Small mod request: a more urgent "bite" notification like a large black text box

I’ve noticed a big problem where i’ve lost characters because I wasn’t aware i’d been bitten until the wounds became infected, simply because the “bite” notification was just absolutely buried in other less helpful text like “slowed” or “missed”.
What I want is a mod that give me a more large and urgent notification i’ve been bit, like one of the big black text-boxes that appear when i’ve run out of materials in crafting or moving on unsafe tiles.
This would be a massive quality of life improvement however, considering how difficult it is for characters without antibiotic recipes, or far away from hospitals.


When you get bitten the text by your HP bar should turn blue, indicating that you need to disinfect it. Is that not noticeable enough?

You can’t craft antibiotics at all, but there is no real need to anyway now that disinfectant comes in 25 units per small bottle (it used to come in 2 units per regular bottle) and zombies cannot give you a deep bite until they grab you.

Uh, is that true? I definitely get bit while not being grabbed. It usually bounces off armor, though. Or do you mean you can only get a deep bite if you’re grabbed?

Maybe the problem is that the color is quite dark? I had such concern myself, but haven’t actually seen anyone else complaining about it.

This is exactly what I meant, zombies can not give you a deep bite wound unless they have grabbed you. I’ll edit my other post to make it a bit clearer.

To mr_sep, you have a point that it is a bit dark. Perhaps brightening it up would make it more visible? I think it would also help it do a better job at sending the “my arm has a deep bite in it that needs to be urgently dealt with” message to new players.

yes. it isn’t noticeable enough.
its not all that fun to have to OCD look at my limbs everytime I get grabbed by a zombie. which happens alot.

Perhaps flashing would help simulate that aching feel from a bite wound.

…flashing seems inadequate somehow. It should throb in time with your heartbeat, just like your finger does after you smash it with something.