Possible bug with hauling frames

Not sure if it’s been mentioned before but you can remove your power armor and keep the hauling frame on.

Wearing the hauling frame like this will prevent you from wearing anything else but I figure taking off the power armor should drop the frame on the ground. It’s not really exploitable (unless you want to run around nude with 120 volume for loot) but figured I’d point it out anyway.

Might be something of a bug, but this is only useful if you are having heatstroke and don’t want to drop your shit. Plus the suit would probably add like 50lbs to your 70-250 lbs carrying capacity so this isn’t very exploitable.

Unless heatstroke and storage need to be a balance thing, which I don’t think so.

Thanks for mentioning this, it’s been fixed, you now can’t take of the power armor unless you take off the hauling frame first.