Power armour inventory woes

So my guy is a fresh lab escapee and a bit banged up, got lucky and found some power armour that was initially guarded by 3 mi-go who did the dumb thing and went banging on a nearby prison’s gates for some reason, leaving me with unguarded mk-II heavy power armour.

Now I’m quite new to power armours and was wondering if there was a way to increase its 4L storage limit or if there are some storage items that are whitelisted to wear. Currently I’m switching between looting and kicking &SS mode but it would be nice if there was some hybridization.

If you guys don’t want to spoil it, it’s fine. I’d just like to know if it’s possible.

Power armor hauling frame is what you’re looking for. I forget the total storage, but it’s a lot better than 4 L. They are fairly rare, I usually find them in spider basements

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according to chezzo wiki, is 7.5L of storage

Ok…so not a lot better. Ever heard of Power Armor Additions? It adds more options.

Power armor frames add 30L of storage, which is equal to a duffel bag. I don’t know why the chezzo wiki is showing the wrong numbers, both in game and in the JSON files indicate 30L worth of volume from using it.

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I was gonna say the hauling frame is definitely more than 7.5L, however it’s the only additional storage for the power armor without mods.

There is a mod here:

Power armour utilites for adding a few items to use with power armour, sheaths, scabbards and the like so at least you can strap (mag lock) a few weapons/mags etc on until you find yourself a hauling frame.


we cant even trust chezzo now. DDA indeed ºnº