[Minor] Power Armor and Glasses

It isn’t a huge change or suggestion, but it would be nice to be able to wear Eyeglasses and power armor at the same time. Because for my near sighted character, the armor becomes a little useless. At the very least, perhaps let us wear head/eye/mouth gear while wearing the armor, and not the helmet.

I have to say the power armor is handled a bit strangely.

There’s definitely a lot of gear that would make sense underneath power armor, like Underarmor, or basically any headgear sans the helmet, as you mentioned. Also the fact that power armor has zero volume without the hauling frame is a bit strange. You’d think it would at least have a few places to put thing/hook things on. Is there seriously nowhere to tie a pouch on the whole suit? Can I really not get a backpack on. What is going on with this thing and why does it repel inventory so completely.

Anyway given near-sighted and far-sighted it only makes sense to get some kind of fix for that, because as it is if you take either of these traits you are kind of boned out of power armor (or at least must live with pretty hefty melee/ranged penalties) and I don’t think that was the intent of the flaws. It certainly doesn’t make any kind of logical sense that you can’t wear spectacles with power armor. Even with the helmet you’d think a pair of glasses would fit under the visor/whatever.

A fix has been pushed to resolve the issue of power armor and glasses, which should make it into 0.5.

RE: Storage, there’s another thread in Gameplay and Development that expounds on this.

I think giving the power armor helmet some optical bonuses would be nice. Could correct sight issues and perhaps even amplify light. The encumbrance is crazy enough to warrant something like that.

With the new fixes to power armor, the encumbrance is more than justified in its now effective DT.

More power armor gear might drop at a later date, but for now, the trick is getting the game to play nice with power armor.

[code]Your Power Armor rusts!
Your Power Armor malfunctions! Your limbs get severely damaged.

Your Power Armor scans you and lets out a disheartening beep. "ID check failed."
You are electrocuted!
You are electrocuted!
You are electrocuted!
You are electrocuted!
You are electrocuted…

Yeees. Playing… “nice”…

Thanks for fixing that! Look forward to being able to play around with Power Armor in the future. Even if it’s a bit dangerous…

Honestly. The power-armor gear thing just doesn’t make sense.

What should stop us from hauling inventory while wearing power armor, is it’s huge encumberance, both in weight and volume.
The hauling frame should lower the armors encumberance and weigh (since supporting its weight on the ground like that new exo-skeleton of US forces), allowing for the players to fit more gear on it. There’s really no reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to wear a backpack, or any kind oof storage with Power Armor.

Yeah, isn’t the whole point of power armor to reduce encumbrance? Not like you’re wearing medieval plate armor or something. And there’s video on YouTube of a guy able to play with a soccer ball in a lower-body exoskeleton.

Just note that in the creation of full plate armor both freedom of movement and protection were equally important. Check this video or this to see them in action. So not even those were as hindering as CataDDA power armor.

Also, if it’s so advanced it probably should have an adjustable visor of some kind (all the internal management of the armor is computerized already, right?), so you can wear this armor without vision penalties even without eyeglasses, as all the adjustments are done automatically for you by the armor.

apart from a few bugs power armor works as intended. I mistakenly asked a few of these same questions as well, and it was explained to me a bit like this:

‘POWER’ armor is a large suit of thick metal plates and actuators for movement. un-‘POWERED’ it’s very difficult to move. plug that bad boy in and you are a walking terror device.

A hauling frame (think backpack rig) allows for space to be added.

the UPS doesn’t last long. this is also intended. these are 0 generation suits, produced at the end of the cataclysm with no further development (that we know of now). These suits were deployed a few yards ahead of a line of supply personnel to help with the suit.

these ARE NOT Fallout 3 power suits. think Iron Man MK I without the jets and mounted weapons.

Glasses I suppose are fixed in .5, paitence friends, and until then store the suit in the trunk and drag it out when you park in the middle of town and break face there. don’t walk to the battlefield, just drive and get out :stuck_out_tongue:

and on the plate armor thing, I’ve seen guys in well made full plate do cartwheels. this was because it was made FOR them. the stuff we find in the game most likely wasn’t tailored for our player and therefore is fairly restrictive. just sayin.