Poll on Revival Options/Toggles/Flags

We don’t hate you for anything.

We pity you because you obviously have no life, and spend all day posting on here.

We laugh at you because you can barely spell or parse proper grammar, yet you seem to reach for you thesaurus while posting in order to sound like an intellectual.

But we don’t hate you.

Definitely not hate; Lazycat hasn’t done anything to anger people, he’s just stupid.

Fair enough, though I’ve been told once that my habit of not playing the New! Version! ought to disqualify me from having opinions in Git. Not sure if that qualifies as being told what to do. :-/

If that happens again ignore them, playing the latest version doesn’t invalidate your opinion (though it may outdate it if something has changed recently that deals with the same problem).

Let’s just see here, what’s been written; what’s been thought over and over; and what’s been pulled in and out with so much effort to make everything else so much better.

There’s this grey goo bit, and the virus that revives corpses bit. Both were introduced, so we had to fight both zombies driven by disease and eerie substance and the living, mutated things whose consistency and structural tree were shifted towards the new kind, the kindred of pawns and predators alike. I have to mention that NPCs are yet aside so you actually have only the decay and a few of the remaining strong leftovers of the whole ecosystem crowned of men presence; I’m writing about the links of the chain this life of ours has, and what exploits we as the human race have; which were only buffed with some survival tips and a farming routine that’s still open for improvement.
The main issue here as I’m able to comprehend it is of the Lore and the assets it relies upon. Most of these so called assets are evening-time shows and novels binded with popular culture and trends. Some would say/write here “I’ve just known it had to come to this!” but I believe it isn’t so. Whales had more than a brief input than, say, a stake through the skull could and would ever have. The most correct and sufficient statement here would be - these are cata-zombies, and the able can understand them only if they conquer the world of Cataclysm. That knife was stuck in that boot for a long time, and it’s time to strap off and decide what that butchering’s been all about. Was it in vein?
Never get angry with the devs, that’s my static. DO get angry with IDEAS that can throw aside what you enjoyed through gameplay experience. Am I the experienced? I dunno… I want to be, I need to keep in mind that few brilliant, yet simplex constructs that’ve been driving some of the fun majors with computer games of the better part of my life. Simplifying things isn’t always good, though - are we gonna spoil everything with flag/no_flag | opt/no_opt discussion? It’s a derailment, believe me on this. I’m not asking nor calling for an argument; the one itself is of the majestic need to improve one’s Survival total points with stuffing more and more blade into putrid flesh. Things just happen, and bending the game towards the survivalistic mainline was applied, and now it’s gone.
I’ve had my doubts about this, upgraded Cataclysm of ours, too, you see. The beloved Timefreeze of the Open World has been a thorn of a long run, as it affects the game’s features. Hope this doesn’t tremble the wrong kind, or invokes the wrong opinions, or stirrs up some of the less favoured emotions - because the night is in fact a dead day, and the day rises from the night in all its beauty that’s for giving. There were numerous ideas, vast arrays of change to the game core so I doubt it was mandatory easy to keep the game’s playability on all fours. That’s solely in disfavor of us, the community having no real testers for this kind of occurances, where the OP/UP has actual sense. Now I’m not writing about master players nor official beta testers, it’s just that the input from us, the players, had been mangled and hindered (of a sort) by different events, so different that this eventually happened. People have opened topics posting “Kill those Y/N things they’re busting my balls” over and over again, yet no one managed to salvage anything reasonable of it, so ignorance abounds. Such is a tragic destiny of out-of-context. So now we’re (still) discussing the “Why is my zombie restaurant chef a perpetuum mobile for eating my crowbar?” bubble-trouble. And whole that talk mustn’t be in vein, too.
Mystique, the thing that occurs when a corpse is slain. You guys, the most familiar with the idea of flesh picking up itself only to walk itself once again told us, and to paraphrase it - “If there’s enough goo to make it up and running it will do so” - and I immediately thought of disgusting flesh abominations, as I think I wrote in one of my many posts. I also thought that the substance has a mind of its own, intelligence greater than of our world, devastated by the cataclysm. But I think you’ve understood that the carbon-based legacy is as much as obstacle as it is an advantage for those ether-bullies. It breaks and bends, destroys and revives so we (the characters in play) cannot follow. So the main question here is, really, if the decay is in fact the underlying power beneath the living and breathing thing, how can the grey goo reign over it, and can it render it so to say, “offline”? When an organism loses its form it becomes a life essence of an another whole. If we’re to meddle with life’s structure, the nerve-on-bone, the situation states enough. The grey goo always migrates towards the core, be it of a central nervous system or the source of power even if it’s the quantity of it’s own kind. When it loses that kind of power over a structure such as of a human organism, it should keep its mind; and if it’s gonna go and pick up from a point of break, it should evolve. If you expect me to write what it should be, I’d just point out those human genetic mutations that are told to be put in some sort of use; and if it’s really the really-grey-goo, then all is clear.

Today an example was made over human history, the Voyager craft launched in the 70’s stepped beyond our Solar system, into the New Unknown, the Void, and the NASA is celebrating. Think about it for a second. (!)

Holy crap, shouldn’t we really do something about Lazycat? Like something that will make him gtfo? Seriously, Lazycat you are being such a huge prick you don’t even know.

Since i get survival skill for butchering zeds, i’ve never had a problem with doing it.

It’s gotten me into trouble before, cause it takes a minute. But that is the nature of the game.

He’ll continue posting here because he has no life. Each successive post further confirms it.

Wait and see, he won’t be able to resist posting again because he’s not bright enough to know when his argument is lost.

A mass find/replace of “revives” (or whatever our flag gets called) with an empty string ("") would remove all the reviving from the game (assuming monsters are pulled out to JSON by then, which hopefully shouldn’t be much longer). It’d take like 4 seconds and can be done in pretty much any text editor, which is about the same length of time as having an “option”.[/quote]
I’ll have to disagree on that one. Zed repop is obviously a divisive issue, thus many will want a way to toggle it. Editing .json is definately not as quick or trouble free as calling up an ingame menu, and I suspect users would want an all-or-nothing toggle (that doesnt cause errors or gets clobbered on update), whereas modders would go for json customization…thus both makes sense, and is not redundant. And unless I’m not aware of something in the works, it’s currently trivial to keep a global toggle as it all comes down to one check revive function that can return early.

I’m honestly baffled as to why there is opposition to the old option. ‘The right way’ to do it -isn’t-, if it doesn’t cover user needs as well as the alternative, and provides similar-but-not-quite functionality. (Json has the question of ‘which mob revives’ covered nicely…but doesn’t provide a lossless ‘toggle mob revival’ that can be flipped within the game after data/ .json load.)

Of course I’m the sort of user who appreciates firefox about:config / dwarf fortress level customization when it comes to games like this…and am fairly sure a ‘power user’ menu tucked away somewhere won’t cause issues; I’ve had the skeleton of one in play on my personal branch for months, and the only problems I’ve had are merge conflicts. It’s a bunch of booleans and multipliers to variables that are already there, certianly not an obligation to code the game around it.

TLDR: Please add ‘both’ to poll, they are not mutually exclusive, nor are they satisfactory replacements for each other.