Police reorders/Military reorders and tactics

Basically Police robotics centers, the ability for police “being more trusted by the robots and such” you can go there to Reprogram the surrounding areas non-military robots to follow your orders and be friendly… also to patrol the city and such to clear zombies as you made them able to tell the difference… also you could command them to grab npcs and put them into the police robotics center cells so they are there for recruitment and such. also perhaphs the ability to repair police bots say for broken ones 200 batteries or 2 plutonium cells and 10 scrap metal, 50 welder charges.

-Modular police bots, you have modified them to wield certain weapons and such… Like a modular police bot wielding a Remington and a diamond edged katana.

Tactics- A new skill that gives npcs a combat buff if you talk to them and discuss tactics, which takes about a minute or two. and you get buffed as well based on their buff

General- A proffesion that gives you a High authority military card, which is not consumed by readers, and blockade turrets, chicken walkers, and tankbots, would reckognize you as a general and wont attack you… / enable you to reprogram

I can’t say much apart from “Yes, to alll three suggestions”

Good Ideas, Also I am Now General Of My Very Own One-Man Militia!

Eh, even a general would’nt have access to every facility everywhere. Why would he be poking around for access to mininukes when it’s not his job to use them? Generals delegate authority and stuff.

I agree with robots being broadly reprogrammed, though, so long as it was balanced correctly. If it was as easy as a street cop going to the station and navigating a few (y/n) prompts to activate the riot control turrets and armies of police bots in a town, then the cataclysm would’nt have happened in the first place.

I kinda like the ‘tactics’ skill, but it should be a passive buff and maybe unlock certain commands to control NPCs. Endlessly chatting with NPCs to buff them sounds kinda grindy.

Reminds me of the Fallout 3 Robco Robot mod
But yes, this idea 100%