"Plug-in" flag for vehicle parts

We shouldn’t need a welder to change a battery.

Adding the plugin flag means you can add/remove that part without tools.

Also, consider lowering the time to remove a plugin flagged item or adding a separate flag for it.

This idea sounds really good. It’d definitely make me slow down on the debugged sausage.

While it’d be a neat slap-patch for this sort of thing, what we really need is vehicle construction recipes. “Needs such-and-such tools, such-and-such skill, takes such-and-such time”. Fix all similar issues at once instead of just one category.

Well until someone does fix all those issues I’ll settle for a slapstick patch :V

Feel free to write it, I’m not merging it though.

I’m looking for a new short project to do, seeing as the sponge project is going to take a while and I fail miserably at making the resizable windows work without segfaulting at some point. Would you mind if I took a stab at vehicle crafting recipes?

Go ahead! Something like that would be rather useful and helpful to have and would be a rather nice step forwards IMO (assuming it’s JSON-ized, of course, hardcoding is a pretty large no-no for most Cata things if at all possible)