Please write an article about farming

Someone, please write an article for farming.
I will not be that someone, because I am not knowledgable about this topic. I still didn’t figure out how it works and this topic is clearly of general interest. It does not need to be a tutorial.

I don’t think the farming system is particularly complex, really? As far as I understand it, you just use a digging tool to make a dirt mound, then examine the mound to plant a seed on it. Then once the seed sprouts, you can choose to make plant food from bonemeal, chitin powder and ammonia, and apply it to the sprout to make it grow faster. Aside from that just sit around and wait until the plant is ready to be harvested, then harvest it. Plants will update automatically once you’re near, so you don’t have to worry about the reality bubble and can plant them anywhere.

Is this literally everything one needs to know about farming?

Close. There are some small wrinkles like: you can’t plant in the cold of winter. It could stand to be built into a better guide w/ some screen shots and examined items to help folks walk though it.

Since Mattamue didn’t mention it, I will go ahead and say that he wrote a new article for farming with guide and pictures here. Thanks Mattamue for your efforts :slight_smile:

There’s pictures and lines too

[quote=“Mattamue, post:6, topic:4332”]

There’s pictures and lines too[/quote]

Wow, it’s great!


[quote=“Mattamue, post:6, topic:4332”]

There’s pictures and lines too[/quote]

Thanks for the guide man, I’ve edited it a bit and added a bit of stuff into it.

Looking good, thanks for expanding!