Playing without a map

Hello. What do you think about playing without a map (m)? In my opinion it is great because it provides a lot of tension and… adventure. Cata is much more realistic without a map. I always set city spacing on 8 just to create an environment in which I need a lot of water/food just for travelling to another city. What is more, I don’t know an actual position of a given horde and of course I have to rely on my memory. I like the fact that I am not aware of a given building position in cities. I have to see the building to know what kind of a building it is (it is impossible to distinguish building from few miles). But what I love most is the fact that I DON’T SEE A NPC that is five/eight miles from my position(and through forests or a huge city) :slight_smile:

That actually sounds like a really interesting idea. But I think it might be a little too random for my taste. I am the kind of player who likes to sit and plan before moving.

I think without the map, cities would be absolute death traps; especially if you start in a city - how would you tell where your nearest bolthole is? You’d just be wandering blind until something stoves your head in.:exploding_head:

I think I could only play this way if i was actively drawing a map by hand… but then that is what the ‘m’ simulates so it seems like just a self enforced handicap. Not a bad thing but I have my own handicaps I enforce and this one seems tedious.

I think the overworld LoS is a bit overly permissive, but it’s intended to reflect your ability to see things, especially large structures, at a greater distance than you can see them on the main view.
Ability to spot NPCs at great distances is a bug or feature, depending on who you ask.

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It might be fun to add an alternate mode where the map doesn’t store tiles or show coordinates, only shows what you can see. Then you could add a map and/or compass and/or gps to bring back the other features.

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That might be nice just to get an idea of what’s visible.

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Maybe a system where you still reveal the map but you don’t actually get a bearing on where you are?