Is there any way to turn off the blinking "NPC is here" map symbol?

I wanted to try a game with NPCs enabled but it feels kinda like cheating that I can see where random, possibly hostile NPCs are on the overland map.

No and IMO it’s not cheating: you can see buildings, so seeing “probable living human” isn’t out of the ordinary.

Ideally we’d have 'em only visible if in current scouting range, but I’ve not messed with map-visibility.

Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Yeah, it sounds pretty fair when it comes to settlements (maybe just ‘inhabited cabin’ instead of ‘bandit cabin’ though), but I was thinking more of the dudes wandering around that get tagged on the overland way way out of eyesight. Ah well, think I’ll wait for that to make it to the game before I try dynamic NPCs again.

logically it doesn’t entirely make sense. I mean for example, how are you going to make out one living person in a zombie hoard all the way from across a forest.