Player status window recomposition

STATS and ENCUMBRANCE AND WARMTH panels have fixed height and are located at the top because they don’t have any other information that might require bigger height. Magenta-colored info in STATS could go down to the info panel.

SPEED panel is located at the bottom and has a scaling height in case there are lots of speed modifiers.

SKILLS, TRAITS and EFFECTS panels all have scaling heights too in case there are lots of traits and effects.

Info panel goes to the bottom.

The whole window has a fixed width of 4 panels plus borders between them.

This will require increasing minimum terminal dimensions from 80x24 to at least 110x40. Is there any sense in all this?


I believe it is possible to have two variants of this screen: one for standard 80x24 terminal and another one for bigger dimension.

Yes, it is indeed possible, but that means twice as much code as there is now.

You tell me. I don’t see a significant improvement, and I do see a reduction in functionality in that the info window is moved far away from the other panes, making it more difficult to scroll through the menu items while looking at the detailed output.

What problem are you trying to solve here?

the info window is moved far away from the other panes

That’s the layout for character generation, I’ve taken it as an example.

What problem are you trying to solve here?

I was trying to get rid of the need to scroll down traits for heavily mutated characters, and give space for effects panel as 9 lines is definitely too little for it.

I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 4 effects at once. I don’t know if I would call 9 lines ‘definitely too little’. Unless I’m missing something major I can’t imagine having 10 things wrong with me at the same time.


Easily achievable 6 effects plus seventh effect, Pain, that can’t fit here.

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I see. I misunderstood when you said ‘effects’ I thought you meant the ‘effect’ window. I see that you meant the Speed window.

I would still say that I think it’d be pretty rare for you to experience all of those at once, and also that the top two values are the ‘at a glance’ information anyway. I think I prefer the windows the way they’re currently implemented.

The info panel could also go at the top, that might improve it.
Overall I like the idea though.