Larger view

How can we get a larger view when playing? The current system is claustrophobic.
What files should be edited to change this?

For example, when the user increases the terminal size, the view remains the same. Wouldn’t it be better if the view would increase as the terminal becomes larger?
There would still be line of sight that limits what you can see.

Currently you can move the view around, but that is very cumbersome. So right now you can already look around without spending a game turn, it is just really time-consuming to do.

Get a bigger screen.

or delete System32

What the troll meant to say was that there’s no options to increase the viewable area.
Looking around and using the off-set view are the only ways to see beyond the current screen.

If all you mean is that you want to have the size of the font larger then you can look up my post call resolution. Though I don’t remember which catagory it’s in. :slight_smile:

this is something I have quickly got used to but now you mention it is very arbitrary so +1 to bigger screens.

I mean, honestly I agree. I feel like the view area is kinda small. You can hit ; and look around. Really wish this was something configurable so you could base it on your screen size.

The reason, apparently, is to let it fit in a terminal without problems.

It’s to let it fit on smaller screens. The problem with removing this is that the screen size is tied up all over the code, it’s not just a matter of inputting some new variables, we have to find everywhere it’s referenced and change those too.

If we didn’t, would the game crash at those instances, or just draw the screen smaller? I am thinking of Dwarf Fortress and how the trade menu is still tiny, but the rest of the game isn’t. Would that happen to our menus, or just a flat out crash?

Well, should a code-dive be done to find all the references, might I suggest they be changed to variable references, instead of another arbitrary number, or set of numbers.

Not to sound rude but did you not use constants for screen size?

I think that it’s* a portion that hasn’t been changed yet from Whales’ original codebase, or is so entwined in how the system works that it’s a pain in the rump to modify. I’ll load the current source into visual studio and see if I can get all references for screen size stuff.

*Screen Size variables

heh, i looked at this, its so tangled in other things, that specific screen size… i just dunno if you could increase it without a mess of problems

Yeah, I have heard about that. I’ll see what I can do though :stuck_out_tongue: Just need to get my contract work finished and I should have time to delve into the codebase and get a good look at what the problem is.