Is there any way to fix a grave?

So one of my npc followers died. First off, the fact that I can build a coffin, dig a grave, place my friends body in the coffin and then bury the coffin in the grave, and it will stay there always to remind me of him, is levels of awesome above what’s out there in today’s gaming market. Such a simple thing, but its just awesome.

Anyways, I made it all and buried it, but I accidentally finished it all WITHOUT engraving it with my friends name. Is there any way to somehow fix it? Put his name on it, AFTER its all crated and buried?

You could label/rename an item with their name and leave it on the grave. As a sort of memento marker.

Otherwise you can try to deconstruct the grave And just build it again, but I’m fairly certain you can’t, though I admit I’ve never tried to deconstruct a grave.

Using a permanent marker to write the inscription works. I tested it, and both permanent marker and a carved inscription show up as “Graffiti: Whatever you inscribed” in the examination box.
(Edit: A survival marker or spray can works too)

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oh so using a permanent marker, or spray can ON the grave will le?

ok so using a permanent marker or a spray can can do it. Wow the fact that this game is deep enough that I am even discussing this…

Yep. Activate the marker or spray can, choose “the terrain”, and then indicate the tile with the grave when it asks you where. It will open a text window that you can type the inscription into.

Yeah a marker would have been the obvious answer. Woops.

Well to be fair Trigon, I always thought markers were just one of those useless items you find around. Thats why I come here with so many stupid questions tho. I find by asking here, I get schooled and learn stuff I never knew lol.

Markers are a go-to piece of equipment in my combat loadout for clearing urban areas. Once a building is cleared, it gets something written in front of the entranceway. Same for locations where I may have stashed any bodies I want to dissect, or potential warning markers about areas I haven’t finished clearing for future me to spot.

Then later, when I roll through with carts and duffel bags, those markers keep me from wandering into a painful day, and once a site is looted proper, it’ll get its map icon greyed out.

I usually just make overmap notes (with different symbols) so I don’t have to search everywhere for my graffiti… and it allows me to remember what I want to bring with me from a distance.

I clear building by building, street by street in large batches as opposed to targeted buildings when I’m doing that. So usually I’m just tagging the front door/involuntary entrance to the building. I do find the whole thing overall easier than juggling map notes, as I use map notes for more specific things I want to revisit in the future, like sites with autodocs or spider basements, or vehicles of note for salvage or restoration.

Wow yea, these are all very good ideas that I never thought to do. This damn game is just endless with possibilities…most of which end in my death, but endless possibilities nonetheless!

You know you could always build a signpost next to the grave, basically make a plaque for your deceased friend.

Nope I did not know that either. I am ashamed to admit for the length of time Ive been playing, I know precious little about the game lol.