Plants doomed to morbid obesity?

My recent plunges into the experimental apocalypse as a plant mutant has made me notice something… It is far too easy to go into being morbidly obese as a plant.

I have a couple of options for food that don’t do too much to my weight, having gone all the way to chloromorphosis, but I have to sleep at some point. Being that sleeping on diggable soil is the only option I have, my guy is essentially eating for more than 7 hours straight every day and that just isn’t very good for his figure. Groot McRoot has to use a pedal machine for 4 hours straight just to slow down his weight gain, and coupled with starvation until he sleeps there is still enough gain per day for him to be Norbit McMorbid within a week. I’m even contemplating having him be on coffee and other stimulants to keep him awake as long as possible until he’s back to normal weight.

Is there some benefit to being a barrel cactus that I’m not seeing? I hope so, otherwise being a plant quickly becomes a weight loss simulator.


interesting… you shouldn’t be gaining that many calories overall i think. it probably needs to be bumped down enough so you still need to supplement with solid food.

Can you still use CBM with extreme mutants? I haven’t gone that way yet.

I found that after getting the light eater mutation I was getting fat a lot but installing the Metabolic Exchange CBM countered that quite well. Calories go in, amp hours (bionic power) come out.

This makes me wonder if roots is another thing affected by the 6 second -> 1 second turns that needs rebalanced.


That’s REALLY interesting, since I did the math when I re-did plant nutrution. Being in uninterrupted sunlight should give 1500 calories a day (assuming 12 hours of sunlight), a post-threshold plant needs 1250 per day. Roots should only give you some vitamins and water (so much water).

Yes you can. But I’m going a druid plant man run with magiclysm and I don’t really want to butcher my mana reserves with bionic power.

The problem is that real life plant gain calory by photosynthesis which requires light, water, and CO2. Soil, on the other hand, provides N, P, K, and trace elements.

Hence plant mutant should gain weight when being under sun and not thirsty, and gain vitamins when being on soil.

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It’s actually rigged that way! You get iron and calcium from the soil, and vitamins A and C from the sunlight. (since apparently plants synthesze these on their own). Only way of getting vitamin B is by eating , still.

Good to know! That’s very realistic implementation.