Additional plant mutation

What about this?

For every turn that you spend in the rain or swimming/standing in fresh water, your thirst is sated by 1 point

This has no effect while wearing shoes and cause permanent 2 points of encumberment

  1. Mutation Category Expansion
  2. this is already in game under a different name

Could you tell me what the name is then so that I can go look at it?

You might open up mutations.json and search for “ROOTS”. :wink:

There are 4 Roots mutations actually, each being an improved version of the former. It begins with Toe Roots and ends with Chloromorphosis. They make you less hungry. There’s also the leaves mutation which improves this further. Phelloderm is another plant mutation that helps with reducing thirst.

I guess it must be relatively new then. Didn’t find it on the wiki… ill go look in the json.

according to the mutations.json, roots only absorbs nutrients, NOT thirst.

same name, different function

By the way, I think this is something that should be changed. After all, IRL roots absorb nutrients dissolved in water (and water itself), not in some kind of solid form.

[quote=“CosmicKobal, post:7, topic:8567”]according to the mutations.json, roots only absorbs nutrients, NOT thirst.

same name, different function[/quote]

And according to player.cpp, they absorb both.

void player::rooted() // Should average a point every two minutes or so; ground isn't uniformly fertile // Overfiling triggered hibernation checks, so capping. { double shoe_factor = footwear_factor(); if( (has_trait("ROOTS2") || has_trait("ROOTS3")) && g->m.has_flag("DIGGABLE", posx, posy) && !shoe_factor ) { if( one_in(20 / shoe_factor) ) { if (hunger > -20) { hunger--; } if (thirst > -20) { thirst--; } mod_healthy_mod(5); } } }

There’s far more to the code than just .json files.

in that case, the json file should be altered to be accurate.

say I dug out the floor under my pile of warm clothes in my base, would I continue to root and absorb nutrients/water while asleep? would certainly be great to wake up sated