Living with Saprophage/chloromorphosis

I made myself a separate save where I allow myself to cheat, or simply to do stupidly deadly things that I don’t want any of my long-time survivors to risk doing. After imbibing entirely too much mutagen, I am now a plant-person. I can’t digest anything that’s not rotten, and I’m supposed to get nutrition out of waiting/sleeping on dirt, but I’m not sure it’s working as well as it’s supposed to, or at least it seems like it should provide more nourishment than it does. I feel like a post-threshold plant mutant with Chloromorphosis should be able to get their fill of water and nutriments for at least half a day from a few hours’ sleep in the dirt, but that really doesn’t seem to provide much. Prior to mutating I mostly stockpiled non-perishable foods, so I often find myself short of edible stuff, far away from houses or stores to rob garbage from, and I don’t always think to bring along everything I need to sleep comfortably, since I can’t sleep on a bed if I want nourishment. And it seems like whenever my sleeping is interrupted partway through from cold or light, I barely get any nourishment anyway.

Anyone else ever had fun with plants? I’ll be sure to share interesting stories as they happen. In the process of mutating, I’ve had some great dreams involving triffids and people heads.

Built the RMCC in the form of a walking salad. It’s pretty easy to stay fed if you sleep on dirt/grass. Just bring some sheets and blankets to stay warm and you’ll be fed after a day or so, so fed that from a supplies standpoint plant-life is pretty easy… It took approximately 90 days to build the RMCC by the way.

Bear in mind that originally plant food/quench from the roots was unlimited–but (somehow) that triggered Hibernation checks. Now it’s capped at Full/Slaked, so yeah, you need to root more often.

But since most plants can’t both walk around and effectively root, I suggest you be happy! :wink:

Eating rotten food is great! Just cook up the fanciest meals you can and let them fester while you sleep/craft/read. Obviously short lived food is better. Also congratulate yourself on being on of the few survivors that get to drink milk and scarf down cheese burgers & pizza. That stuff is just laying around aging to perfection!

This is the best possible reaction I can imagine.

This is the best possible reaction I can imagine.[/quote]
What, hopping off my high and mighty lizardy throne long enough to build the RMCC is worth nothing? XD

I need to be a tree again. I’ve been experimenting with a feathery cannibal psycho velociraptor the past couple days. Been using him to search out that survivor camp that was added, and hopefully that bandit camp too. Not sure if the bandit camp with static npc names has been added yet but hey, that’s what doctor Markuss the regretless raptor is for!

Will try tree later this week.