Plant mutation: fruiting

We already had the “flowering” mutation for the plant threshold, why cant we mutate/upgrade it further into “fruiting”, which takes a (small) amount of thirst/hunger and turns it into fruits, for eating or for trading, which the fruit last for (quite) a while. We already had the chlomo… (I can’t spell it!) and rooter mutation, which will practically turns any plant threshold into food producing “mini-factory”. There will be a lost in the transformation process tho.

And we might just branches the fruiting process into:
-gel sap: sweet, like sugar (liquid). Can be used onto wound as bandage/disinfectant.
-(very) dry fruit: last for a VERY long time! But wastes a (lot) more in the fruiting process
-water sac: think of a coconut!

And the fruiting process coding can be based off the water collecting cbm thingy!
And new fruits:
-Breed fruit
-Smelly fruit: work as a monster lure/bait/chase-them-away…

You activate the ability, which uses hunger, to give you food which you then eat to satiate the hunger you gave yourself by using the ability?

Isn’t that kind of like putting something in a box and then mailing it to yourself?

No. Well, yes but the plant threshold later on have a mutation that allows them to gather hunger and thirst by standing on soil for a certain amount of time, so it can be use to mutiply your total hunger/ thirst bar

Or you can eat sth close to spoilage and renew/refresh/increase that spoilage for much longer!

So where would these fruits pop out?
I assume even a treshold plant would still retain most of human physiology.

The flower! From the prereq flowering trait!

Alright, let’s break this down.

Growth takes energy. Growing a fruit requires energy. This can be taken from the soil, sun, or from other energy sources like food.

Ingest fruit. Acquire energy. Energy lost in conversion through digestion.

In the end you have used more energy than you have gained. Nothing was achieved. In fact, energy was lost in the process. You have used energy to create less energy than you consumed.

You can acquire that lost energy very simply, but why not do that in the first place and skip the entire ‘make energy to get less energy’ thing? It’s more efficient that way.

So basically no, growing your own fruit to eat is a bad idea and has no practical application as far as eating it yourself. It’d need some use beyond that.

Maybe for OTHERS to eat; NPC’s would probably appreciate it, seeing as you can gather nutrients in ways they can’t. To them it’d look like free gain.

A plant bearing fruit by definition is multiplying its own species by seeds, naturally fruits fall off a tree and onto a ground. I would like bearing fruits that cause people (once I trade it to them) to mutate or myself.

Well, what i mean that your hunger/thirst bar can only store that much (till you are full/slaked) and when you gather resource by your roots you only get till you are full. These fruits will be used for further food storage and trade with npcs. And eating tastety fruits boost morale, while sunlight and dirt… Is not that appetizing. And a close to free money source!

Hey, if I could root down and hold still, I’d be playing the Boring Game of not moving but I’d have all the nutrients I need. If I was storing some of that root-earned energy as fruits for later use when I’m mobile, that’d be about the only time it’d be worthwhile to eat your own tree offspring. Plants make fruit to be eaten by non-plant critters, so plants can hijack their ability to travel and spread seeds farther. Well, a lot of them do.

Human plant mutants might produce fruits, but it’d be a maladaptive mutation since plant mutants already posses mobility, and likely retain the uh. Regular means of making offspring. We’d be wasting energy on locomotion, fruit production, regular reproductive human holdovers, being warm-blooded (potentially)… If you’re making fruit, I’d argue it’s one for the “mixed” or downright “Bad” mutations category.