PK's Rebalancing : PRM Marine Armor invisible

so i just testing some PK’s Rebalancing feature, and i absolutely love it (along with Cata++) it just add more difficulty and increase the looting goodness.

but one thing is missing… so i found that in Class there is new class “Doomguy” which wear new armor PRM Marine set. so i try that Class and play the game and i discover that the PRM Marine armor is invisible… making the character looks naked…

how to fix that?

Maybe because it has no tileset :confused:

Look into your tileset’s json file, find an entry for what you want it to look like, find the PRM armour’s item ID’s in the PK rebalancing jsons and make a copy of the entry for the armour you wanted it to look the same as and swap the IDs with the PK stuff, maybe I’ll figure out a looks-like for PK stuff at some point so you don’t need to do that.

well i decide to let this issue pass up… its really just a minor issue, nothing serious…
the items work perfectly anyway :ok_hand::grin: