PK's Rebalancing Mod

Squigs were added to funguses. After all, they are funguses. I considered extending the reference further to snotlings, but with the fungal zoms and the infected survivors theres not a terribly big reason to. Infected survivors can go out the window when we get more comprehensive NPC mutations in place, so maybe.

Now, I need to get to crackin’ on the doomhouses. I do want to do a Doomlab, but I want it explicitly modular. I want them all modular, but I guess having done the surface area as nonmodular I can keep them until 3d is implemented. Somebody else could make them? :v
The subsurface can me mostly modular though, so the tunnels will have variations and suchnots.

Before that however, Ive been playing with redoing the crawling zombie upgrades. Talk about inventory consistency between mother-daughter upgrades means that I should be looking to utilize this.

Im thinking a sludge-crawler zombie. But Im somewhat hesitant. I got nosold on the acidtrail zombie, despite it being a thing I want in this mod, but meh. Its going to have to be slow, which means a ranged attack my be best. It cant snipe, because Im not sure it can be justified in any way. I could do a blob ‘package’, that spits them out every so often. Necromancers do that though.

Im at a small loss. Though the blob idea is tempting. As a slow monster they become a problem you have to deal with. And as a sludge spewer you have a real issue. Im worried of course about too many blobs. I think I have a fair balance now. I see loose blobs on occassion. They are nice touches.

Otherwise, I do want to hammer down ant species, but that requires main-game coding. I could manage.

“type” : “MONSTER”,
“id” : “mon_zombie_crawler_pk”,
“name”: “shambling zombie”,
“special_when_hit”:[“ACIDSPLASH”, 7],
“special_attacks”: [[“ACID_BARF”, 30], [“GRAB”, 60], [“FORMBLOB”, 240]],
“description”:“A revolting crawling monster that excretes a copious amount of gooey sludge from its gaping chest cavity. Every so often a blob emerges from the mangled stumps that used to be legs.”,


You could make them into living landmines if we’re talking crawling zeds. Maybe make them give off a smoke cloud too.

I’m definitely dreading a landmine zombie, so I support.

Would certainly deter a ‘run them over and let god sort em’ out’ approach to clearing cities.

Hello, pisskop. I would appreciate these. Are you planning to add them?

I could try. Im thinking a couple of pipes/2x4s/sticks and a cloth. And then something to keep the cloth even with the ground. Like rocks or nails or, well, a bunch of scrap metal. We dont have tarp proper in the game, but a really, really flimsy cloth wall to break basic los would be doable, if not downright op.

If weather or degradation over time was a thing thatd be neat to enforce maintainance or make them less op. Im a big fan of strong items (power armor, cars, etc) requiring upkeep in the form of time/resources.

AFA Landmine zombies. Im a little hesitant to try due to balance and lore reasons, but theyd be neat. I suspect that a digging monster that would kamikaze would be a decent enough deterrant. Issue is, I have those already in the game.
And they arent complete invisible.

“type” : “MONSTER”,
“id” : “mon_minecraft”,
“name”: “hissing brood”,
“special_attacks”:[[“VINE”, 5], [“KAMIKAZE”, 0], [“RATTLE”, 3]],
“starting_ammo”: { “grenade”: 1, “flashbang”: 1},
“death_function”:[“EXPLODE”, “ACID”, “SMOKEBURST”],
“description”:“a dried up shrub with rustling brown leaves adept at ambushes. Highly volatile and easily excited.”,
“anger_triggers”:[“SOUND”, “PLAYER_WEAK”],



I have 3 of them :smiley:

A stronger version with EMP popping and a fungal version.

pedit: I will make them a smidgen more common since you havent seen them. I learned that the swim tag reduces movement speed, and since it can dig through the earth you wouldnt see them unless they attacked you.


This is a link to coolthulu wanting a burn attribuite added. This removes and revive tag (idk how yet) and makes them into a corpse (corpse defined as burns_into: “xxx”) of whatever you specify, which will presumably revive eventually. Im thinking a flamed up zombie that is charred might turn into a volitile mix?

Heads up. Coolthulu’s change, adding a burns-into tag and a scorched zman, is in

"burn_into" : "mon_zombie_scorched",
    "type" : "MONSTER",
    "id" : "mon_zombie_scorched",
    "name": "scorched zombie",
        "into_group": "GROUP_ZOMBIE_UPGRADE",
        "half_life": 28
    "death_function":["SMOKEBURST", "NORMAL"],
    "special_attacks":[["GRAB", 7]],
    "description":"Heavily burned zombie that still reeks of charred flesh.  Its flesh has mended into a leathery shell.",

In it is 3 things I see. Well 3 major things.

-Burns into, creates a new monster type from the old one. I could, for some illogical reason make a zombie turn into a triffid, if I burned its corpse.
I dont know if that affects its faction, but I am currently erring on the side of ‘no, it stays its original faction’. Will test
-Scorched zombies evolve into normal zombies. Effectively they heal.
-No_necro is a new tag, or new to me. And revive _healthy too

With this I could effectively create new critters, or make a fire death that makes new critters. Gotta think on it.

O.O ahah

erm to expland.

That there is a variable that can be added to melee damage that turns it into whatever type I please. Im not sure the extent of its values, but it is confirmed to work for acid, and likely for lightning and other enviornmental types. And I could probs get it to take bashing, cutting, and stabbing damage too.

DT_NULL = 0, // null damage, doesn't exist
DT_TRUE, // typeless damage, should always go through
DT_BIOLOGICAL, // internal damage, like from smoke or poison
DT_BASH, // bash damage
DT_CUT, // cut damage
DT_ACID, // corrosive damage, e.g. acid
DT_STAB, // stabbing/piercing damage
DT_HEAT, // e.g. fire, plasma
DT_COLD, // e.g. heatdrain, cryogrenades
DT_ELECTRIC, // e.g. electrical discharge

So I has some work to do.

So, right now Im modding the burnt fiend and scorched Z into stronger versions for the higher tier cirtters.  They [i]may[/i] at some point evolve into a group of various abominations, I dislike the idea that they can heal.  Not from a lore point, it makes a bit of sense since the blobs are fleshsculptures.  But I dislike the idea because I want the blob to act more like evolution.  They dont make new things, they adapt the stuff already present.

I have been wondering what to do with the crawler zombies. I had them as acidic ones, but they did suck a bit. I have them now as a sludge with treaces of acid and kind of changing into more shoggoth-y behaviors, and I may continue that.
One option I have is to make all the burnt ones turning to blobs or things that make blobs instead of being combat oriented things. I considered making an immobile ‘blob generator’ thing but I turned it down for several reasons, such as multiple corpses being on the same tile and whatnot.

The melee damage type is new to me. Idk what to do with it yet. I have to test what types it can deliver. Should be easy enough to make a 1d1 monster with 20 lightning damage and see. I can selectively use the acid, and maybe the lightning. I hope there is stab damage, and will add that to several things.

Stab damage by default seems to average the bashing and cutting protection of armor and use that value. So its a moderating influence. Ive made a ‘charred corpse’ monster that will be the bottom of the barrel for burned humanoid zombie monsters. It lack the revive tag, so should only exist to be a named corpse.

So, changes.

Scorched zombies are slightly buffed.
Scorched zombies upgrade into a stronger version with small amounts of enviornmental attack
Scorched zombies degrade into crawlers who in turn degrade into nothing
Necros and master degrade

‘Mines’ are an issue as hordes happen.

Chaser dogs turn into hellhounds (an upgrade for them. A nasty, nasty upgrade)
Skelington dogs will also degrade.
We’ll have to put thought into zombie animal upgrades and burnings.

Really liking the added difficulty. I wish the tileset would attach a default tile for your new creatures but that’s not your problem. Quick question: Should I use the version in the OP or is the one packaged with experimental the latest or one in the same.

The OP version is complete. The one in the experimentals is not complete. I have to add it in piecemeal. Fungus are being added right now, but it needs tobe talked and reviewed and et al.

Thanks. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that your Triffid creatures brutally murdered a pretty decked-out survivor. (I’m still pretty new to the game) Driving my car. A lot of weirdos in the road I have to swerve around. A creature shot some sort of sap into my eyes which blinded me. This caused me to crash into an oak. I wiped my face with a towel under the seat and opened up with the .50cal into the gathering crowd bogging down my little inline-4. This big bitch started sprouting trees through the floor which ripped the hull to shreds. I bail and get grabbed by god-knows-what, some sea of green vines. I’m just hacking and slashing but there’s so much crazy shit coming out of the woodwork. Even with a teleporter and flashbang module it’s just not enough.

Oh well, every death is a lesson. I could of just turned around.

HAH. Woodwork. (Feel free to delete this at a later time, but that needed to be done.)

hey u know the combined monsters override by malkeus? well, i. cant figure out how too edit it too be compatible with this mod and noctifers cataclysm++ mod, or if it has been updated, so it may be completely unusable if thats the case, and a new one may have too be made, maybe? maybe u can make a version compatible with cataclysm++ , if it isnt too much too ask.

Aye aye sir.

This is the current version of my mod and Noct’s
Download this .json file and go to:


In there,. delete the file with the same name and slip this one in.

Then play. This is only a compatibility patch with just the two mods though. Each mods that adds critters needs to be custom-added.

In my own news, Ive made a few more scorched humanoids, and nerfed zombie armor. I dont mind them getting armor, but the standard grunt elite zombie had 12 armor. I nerfed this to 8. Not a huge drop, but it should help with things like wolves nd whatnot killing it. And it should also be easier to beat it to death with your weapon of choice.
Conversely, brutes got buffed.