Pit ideas and such

so a few ideas for in games pits

pits of the same type connect so a line of deep pits would look like one long long hole over a bunch pits with lines of dirt between them.

connected to the early idea. moats. deep pits can be filled with liquid. while yes you could have a ketchup moat. (don’t ask) its mostly going be for water or acid. note a single line of pits turned moats won’t do much a line of 4 bit north and south (aka dirt moat moat moat moat dirt is the best bet) swimmer zombies and agile zombies or large ones could still get past the moat.

burn pit. more of a utility over defense structure. mostly for dumping bodies from hoards that attacked and died…and other items your wanted to burn and get rid of.

compost pit. simile to the burn pit but more for a slow decomp of bodies in to fertilizer.
edit new idea Drawbridge. this is mostly for letting people to make a long line of pits spiked or maot and still be able to bring in vehicles in and out drawbridge would not have a weight limit system so feel free to bring over your tanks

moat notes. since people keep forgetting this i am going to resay a few things.
1 the zombies were used as a example they would not be the only threat that the moat would interact with. they were just the easiest to use being so common.
2 Water is not the only liquid for the moat. any liquid could fill the moat. want a moat of gasoline they go for it. sulfuric acid sure. Blood? i guess not going to be much of a liquid when it clots but whatever.
3 the 4 line thickness is just the base you could have it much thicker

ok to better explain the moat you would need a moat that surrounds your base that is 4 lines thick

Why 4 lines thick?

Also, zombies don’t breathe, so wouldn’t they just sort of float/walk through the moat?

i have seen zombies drown before and not every game the zombie are actually dead and 4 was just a thickness that felt fair to me and its not only for zombies they were just the example

plus it would be more of a funnel tool they would more likly just walk around it too the bridge or undug spot to enter your base. and if drawbridges were added it could be a great way to stop random hoards without being overpowered. since you know you have to dig and fill the moat

UnReal World pits?..

get a shovel and activate and you dig a shallow pit do it again and you get a deep pit

Not if you fill the moat with concentrated acid. Or seweranha.

Zombies currently don’t have any pathing mechanic other than straight line to target, so the funnel thing won’t work right now.

I do remember a post awhile back about moats. Can’t remember where it is.

me most likely this is not the first time i talked about them but i expanded my idea so i reposting

I only use pits when I’ve set up in a building and will be crafting or what have you by a window easily accessible by Zs.

2 tiles wide spike pits basicly kills everything… never had a hulk or brute try but most of the normals have over my years of playing.

IIRC a 4 tile wide flame pit/moat will keep you safe when playing on 40x spawn late game

I dig the idea of a dead fall pit. Spiked pit would be great to use to catch zombies =D

The moment I figure out how to mod in a containment unit for fish, I’m going to go on an expedition into the sewers and grab some seweranha, and use the debug to place a 2 wide deep water moat around my base (justified since we can’t actually dig and fill a moat yet) to put them in. I’ll replace them with acid if we ever get actual moats.

Also planning to build a Dr. Evil style pool in my lair, also filled with seweranha. If the devs ever implement the ability to take prisoners, I’ll feed them to my fish.

Go play UnReal World for ideas of catching fish bra. If you can code, those guys may help if asked politely. I used to chill withem long time ago and they used some of my ideas. Mostly bug fixing though. I came across some hilarious NPC interactions at times in old version xD

Ohh…man. Fun stuff. I just really enjoyed f*cking with stupid NPCs in ways that broke the game lol

I thought there was a moat mod or something…

Remember useing it to make a moat…

Don’t remember where I got it or if it was from base game but there was moats at some point.

You can actually put fish in a pet carrier if you want to transport them. I remember someone capturing a blinky like that and putting it in a pool to use as a night light.

what the hell is a blinky? Is that a mod creature? Can you capture hostile creatures with it?

Blinky is an extremely rare fish that glows in the dark. It is from the vanilla game and I think it was supposed to be a reference to the Simpsons or something along that line.

You can capture any creature that is “small” sized in a pet carrier including eyebots and most fish. You can capture hostile creatures but you are not guaranteed to succeed and it may take many tries before you manage to put the monster in the carrier.

You’ve seen zombies drown? Really? That’s weird, cause I’ve seen them casually stroll across my wilderness guy’s river (his main method of transportation) all the time, and just pop up to harass him.
I haven’t played him in quite a while, though, so maybe something’s different?

Hordes will definitely cross rivers to mess your day up. Just ask poor Billy he was just chopping trees when 32 boomers 2 hulks 10 brutes and 5 spitter zombies crawled onto land. Least that’s the number I saw so they can cross it just takes them time and they are vulnerable to attacks from fish.