The moat. defensive idea

i think the idea of making a moat would be nice its done just by making a few pits right next to on another (with spike pits and such having a digging tool need and more time with the idea you are digging the pit out) you can fill it with a liquid of your choice. yes any but its mostly acid/water yes you could do a root bear moat but its really dumb and would take foever and like all the root beer in the game to do it

That sounds awesome maybe make it so rain fills it? Also problem with moats are things that swim like swimmer zombies and animals so they could cross and still attack you.
Like the idea though.

well i would say it only truly works when its a few tiles wide and yeah its not a 100% thing i would still say have something else to defened your base its just another defense(and i also said acid water could be added and rain would ust fill up with acid water if you already added a fair amount of acid water)

Sounds pretty good either way though. I was just suggesting ideas. I honestly would like to see this in the main game or as a mod.

It would be great if in the game, any pits or holes you make would filled in with rain water or manually filled. Creating my own moats, pools, or hot tubs would be swell!

Side note, would monsters spawn in these? What if I go for a swim, and a shark spawns in? Even better what if I could capture a shark, and put him in my moat to eat anything trying to get to me? Say i want to give swimming lessons to npcs I don’t like for reasons…

i would say no spawns know a breading pit for fish that could be done but would have to be player made. and you know not in the acid moat i keep saying

Fill a moat with rotten ketchup to slow them down. The horrid smell could also mask any players scent