Line of pits = Trench

I imagine that the way pits are implemented right now would make this hard, but is there any way that if you move from one pit tile to an adjacent pit tile it doesn’t cause falling damage? I am assuming that a line of pits really equates to a trench, otherwise you’d be able to optionally walk between them.

This would also allow you to have steps or a ladder/rope that goes down into a trench and let you move around in them. Also, although I haven’t actually voluntarily jumped into any pits yet, if it blocked LoS that would be interesting. So you can only see into a pit/trench from a tile adjecent to it, or from inside the trench.

Just some thoughts. It’d sort of be like having a pseudo-Z-layer to play with.

Currently bird wings mutation negate falling damage, so pits could be used as trench if you have wings, but having trenches is good idea, they could be flooded in order to make moat, which can’t be passed (river tile). In order to be of use you need roof, barriers and NPCs which will help you guard entrances to settlement, but only after Z levels would be implemented, so using pits to create moats is the best choice, at least in my opinion.