Pipe = Too stronk?

Hi, I’m a big fan of cataclysm.

When I start a new world, usually I smash up the locker, grab the pipe and I know I’m set for a weapon. What annoys me is that this weapon will sustain me for quite a while; it has 16 bash and a +3 hit bonus. I’m sorry if it’s been mentioned before, but I think this is a little too strong and kind of removes the point of building your own makeshift weapons like 2-by-swords, nail boards and nail knuckles which I would like to use, but the pipe is much better than all those weapons.

If it was to get a nerf, maybe turn its bash to 11 and a +1 hit bonus? This would make making things like 2-by-swords and nords a good idea, and would also improve nail boards significance.

Just a small idea, sorry if it has already been suggested.

Search “Pipe”

I’m glad you are concerned about the game, but this subject has been rehashed and trolled a bunch. I agree its pretty OP compared to the effort put in to get it, but the search function works. If you find anything else you’re concerned about that doesn’t have a topic, feel free to make one

Oh, didn’t realize about the search function, sorry about that!

Just a little… well maybe very new to this forum and I absolutely hated the pipe’s op-ness, although in reality yes it would make a pretty decent weapon… but I’m pretty sure it would take more than 2 or 3 whacks to kill something like a wolf with it.

I kinda really agree with this, craftable weapons should generally be better then something you just mash yourself against locker to obtain. Jakers’ proposed damage/to-hit bonus seems like a good change.

It already got nerfed some days ago.

Are you guys playing exeprimentals?

I’m pretty sure I’m not…
EDIT: Just checked the latest version and it’s still got the same bash + to hit values.

b12 sp102 hit+1

AKA this was already fixed.

[glow=yellow,2,300]Now all we need is it to come with the stable release![/glow]