Pipe overpowered as a melee weapon + weapon degradation

I think the pipe is far too powerful as a melee weapon, considering people have immediate access to it.

14 bash, +3 to hit, 93 moves to attack, and only weights 1.7, making it lighter than a cudgel.

I think the pipe should be much heavier, much more so that a wooden object of similar dimensions (cudgel). The pipe should also have more moves to attack considering its weight, and the bonus to hit should also be reduced, again because the pipe’s weight, however the 14 bash is appropriate, considering it is effectively a metal mace.

Bonus idea *
Probably suggested before but is there any plans to add weapon degradation for some melee weapons -

Adding an item trait to certain weapons (ad hoc ones, especially ones made from scrap metal or wood) that has a % chance to cause damage to the weapon for every successful hit or block.

I don’t think there should be weapon degradation for “proper” weapons likes swords or wood axes, only weapons like cudgels, pipes, spears, etc.